Does product management and automation interest you? If yes, you can definitely take up design engineering as your career beat and you will surely succeed. Design engineering is considered to be one of the niche branches of engineering. The need for design engineering has emerged just recently and has created major career prospects for the students.

When it comes to career choices, medicine and engineering is by far the most mainstream and substantial career choices of all. While there are various streams one can pursue, if you have a knack for art and design and are preparing to pursue M.Tech in design engineering, colleges in Maharashtra and all over India are offering similar courses. It is also considered to be the most lucrative and career oriented branch of engineering that deals with the concepts like thermodynamics, robotics, product management and structural analysis in Power Sector, Automotive Sector, Aerospace

This paradigm shift will attract new job avenues and welcome design engineers from some of the leading M.Tech design engineering colleges in India. In addition to all this, the prospects of design engineering are expanding beyond geographical boundaries, thanks to the technological advancement and broadening of scope.

Now-a-days, design engineering is getting more inter-disciplinary in nature and its scope is expanding beyond traditional boundaries. Design engineers are driven by technology and are ditching traditional methods for a simplified work. They are also focusing on new areas such as development of composite materials, environmental conservation and biomedical applications.

Every year students from over major metro cities appear for the design engineering courses across various colleges in India and many of them get lucrative job offers after successfully completing their engineering degree.

Considering all these advancements, more and more students are opting for an M.Tech in design degree and top engineering schools in Nasik, Mumbai and other metro cities are holding entrance exams to offer seats to the most eligible students across the country. Students who are planning to study abroad, can also check some options for colleges in the US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand respectively.

So if you are a student looking to pursue your design engineering, below are a few career options and wide scope of job avenues for Design Engineers in India.


Design engineers are hired by different types of organizations and industries, so your work nature and job prospects will be in variants.


  • Building services companies


  • Universities and Colleges


  • Building and Construction companies


  • manufacturing companies /Consumer goods design


  • Engineering firms


  • Public and Private research organizations


  • You can also be a Self-employed contractor, or business owner


  • Shipbuilding, aerospace, Transportation manufacturers, motor vehicles



Few options are listed below for your reference. Check the ones that interest you the most and then start preparing towards it –

Also, watch out for the expertise that you need to have in order to be a skillful design engineer:

  • You need to possess strong problem-solving skills
  • Should have a keen understanding of various computer assisted design (CAD) software
  • Well versed with design and engineering principles
  • Should have a clear knowledge about quality materials and metals
  • Fair understanding of construction methods and manufacturing processes
  • Good awareness of the impact of design ideas on environment

And, the factors that consider you salary package are:

The salary that you will earn as a design engineer can vary from industry to industry and also on the country you’re in:





  • Your degree of education


  • Your years of experience


  • The job profile and specific responsibilities


  • The type and size of your employer


  • The continent in which you work


So, if you have completed or are going to complete your in design engineering make sure to aim high for an MNC or a corporate giant who will provide you with great opportunities.


Most of the engineering colleges in Maharashtra and all over India, offer various courses which are listed above. However, if you are looking for certain off beat courses, it is a possibility that they might require you to pass an aptitude or an entrance test as it qualifies and examines your intellect to pursue that specific beat of engineering.

Hope this post will help you decide a career beat for design engineering and guide you towards your path. Make sure you prepare well for the entrance exams. All the best!

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