5 things you must do to reconcile personal and work life

Do you find it difficult to maintain a balance between your personal and work life? These 5 tips will help you get it. Learning to delegate work in both work...

Do you find it difficult to maintain a balance between your personal and work life? These 5 tips will help you get it.

  • Learning to delegate work in both work and personal life contributes to balance.
  • Get rid of stress by exercising and taking more care of the organization in your work and activities.
  • One of the most difficult parts of reconciling personal and work life is to distinguish which tasks are urgent.

Reconciling personal and work life is one of the most complicated things to do when you are ambitious at work or in school. Sometimes to achieve our goals we sacrifice our free time, which negatively affects personal and family relationships.

If every Friday when leaving work you cannot stop thinking about what you have to do on Monday, you need a break. It is not easy to disconnect conveniently from work. Therefore, we offer you five tips to achieve a balance between your personal and work life.


Make yourself aware that you cannot do everything

It is very important to learn to delegate work and, above all, to do it with a head. It is not about passing the dead to any partner, but to coordinate the tasks in such a way that no one is overworked. Reconciling personal and professional life is a good deal of that. When you achieve a balance at work, you will have more time to devote to your leisure time.

This also applies to personal life: try to distribute the responsibilities of the home with your partner or even with your older children. Also consider hiring professional caregivers or domestic cleaning if you need it and if it fits your possibilities.


Learn to distinguish things that are urgent

Surely on more than one occasion you have been overwhelmed with a task that finally was not as urgent as it seemed. Distinguishing what you need to do immediately and what you can expect is as important (or more) as not taking work home.

Watch your health

You do not have to be an expert to know that healthy living contributes to productivity. Doing yoga, mindfulness, following a healthy diet, etc., reduces stress and helps you to clear your mind. Playing sports on a regular basis is a fundamental part of this. During the time you do physical exercise you will stop thinking about working life, you will get away from your mobile and email, and you will change the chip. That is, it will be easier for you to focus on your personal life without worries.

Complaining does not help

For some, complaining is part of their way of being. However, it is a habit that prevents you from being more productive. Your brain will be more concerned with becoming indignant than finding solutions to problems. A good way to maintain the balance between personal and professional life is to stop complaining and start being more positive.

Get organized

You know you are capable of doing great things, but without an order it will not do you any good. The more organized you are, the more productivity you will achieve. Control your schedules, try not to leave anything for the next day and you will see that you can achieve a better balance of your personal and work life.




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