Catering The amazing art of delicious food and courteous service

Catering is a Herculean task in general. The work of the caterer doesn’t end with preparing delicious food. The service and keep up also matters here. There’re a lot of aspects that one should look into before booking a caterer for any event. There are over a hundred caterers in Meerut, each one with a uniqueness. Here is a list of possible catering options that you can order for your special occasions, be it personal like marriage, birthday party etc., or official like corporate meetings. The style of catering varies between the cook. It also varies depending on the cuisine you choose. All this makes catering a diversified topic to understand. You can mix and match within this and come out with an ocean of ideas to celebrate your occasion.


Desi appetite


The word ‘Desi’ is an indication of our traditional Indian food. India is home to at least a dozen different cultures. Each one having a definite and unique cuisine. Commonly, Indians serve only their traditional foods on their occasions. Though a lot of caterers cook traditional food, it takes an expert to make the food taste the best. One such caterer in Meerut is Atithi hospitality. They have a unique food menu with excellent tasting food that is both traditional and cost-effective. The restaurant comes under the Yellow Chilli Association, a well-known chain of Restaurants under Chef. Sanjeev Kapoor. This chain of restaurants aims to serve good Indian food.

Indian foods are known for their spices and taste all over the world. Each spot inner country has a unique dish associated with it. The Yellow Chilli aims at serving those hand-picked dishes but with a modern twist. The food served at your plate is handcrafted with the best raw materials, cooked with love and served with a smile. All this makes Yellow Chilli, the best chain of restaurants in India. The best part is that Yellow Chilli association makes Atithi the best caterers in Meerut.

 Services offered

 As mentioned above the job of a catering unit doesn’t end in just preparation and plating. The work goes on until the guests are fed belly full with the delicacies prepared. The catering unit must also contain a team of experts who can manage the crowd, predict the possibilities of problems and ensure the necessary steps are taken to avoid any mayhem in the crowd.

The initial stage of service begins with the setup of the catering services. Decide the type of service you wish to have at your occasion. Are you planning for a eat at plate or buffet service? How many dishes do you wish to serve? How many guests are you expecting at the event? And the list of questions goes on. Sit with your caterer to talk and know more on how tomato up the dining hall set up at your event.

Once you clear all this with your caterer, the day of the event will be smooth and tension free. Make a prior visit to the location where the event is planned. Look for the facilities and plan your setup along with the caterer. You can also put in a lot of innovation in this aspect. You can setup mini-stalls that serve freshly cooked food. For example, you can have salad bars for health-conscious guests, or you can even put up a chapati chat stall that will attract the crowd.

Once you fix up the menu with the chef, look out for a tasting session. Despite reviews and comments, it is better that you taste the food that is to be served at your event. This will help you have confidence in the caterers as well as the chef. Though there are several caterers in Meerut, only a handful of them serve delicious dishes, and Atithi hospitality tops the list of those Caterers.

So plan your event with Atithi Hospitality for the best catering experience.

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