Certified Internet of Things Security – IOTS Course


Certified Internet of Things Security – IOTS Course Overview:

The security of an “Internet of Things” (IoT) device requires a lifetime attention right from the device design, through its operational implementation till the device ceases to provide desired functionality. An industry having its worth in IoT and its subsidiary technologies require to focus on the vulnerabilities of its product or service. The present course on “Security of Internet of Things” will help in understanding the prime requirements for a secure IoT-setup. The Certified Internet of Things Security – IOTS course will provide a complete exposure to security concerns of an IoT setup by uncovering the present challenges in standardization of Data Routing, Data Integrity, Device Supervision, IoT Integration, Information Storage, IoT Performance, and Security Solutions. The Certified Internet of Things Security – IOTS Course further demonstrates the modelling of varied possible attacks on an IoT setup and possible recovery.

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Course Outcome:
  • Understand business analytics, different types and its impact on enterprises
  • Understand the role of predictive analytics and its importance in industry
  • Learn to apply data loading, data preparation and cleaning techniques
  • Learn to apply the data mining techniques using an open source tool
  • Acquire knowledge on predictive modeling with regression, rule induction, decision tree and neural network

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