Chatpata Naan At McDonald’s is Every Naan Lovers Dream Come True

If you are at McDonald's, and craving for something desi, go for the all-new Chatpata Naan. McDonald’s India (West and South) has yet again taken to exploring the Great Indian cuisine and flavours to come up with this mouthwatering dish in their all-new Flavours Without Borders menu. Here is why it is truly unique.

It’s the coming together of all things yummy. A crisp golden kebab patty is wrapped in a soft naan bread, which is grilled to perfection. The naan comes with a spread of a beautiful tangy sauce which lifts the flavour quotient of the dish to the next level as the patty is sprinkled with shredded onions, to bring out its indie flavour. The Mac Chatpata naan comes with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options of a crunchy aloo patty and a chicken patty. So there is something for everyone!

The Mac Chatpata naan is wholesome and perfect for any time of the day. Team it with a drink and the new McFlurry Phirni soft serve and make a delicious, fulfilling meal out of it. Or you can just munch on it while having a cup of coffee, as it makes for a grand snack as well.

What could be a better McDonald’s visit for a lover of naan than getting their hands on the delicious and perfect Chatpata Naan? Hardly any other. While this is a part of a special menu, which doesn’t guarantee how long it will be available, I suggest you all to rush and frequent your nearest McDonald’s as much as possible to be able to take all its glory in. After all, there are two possibilities for the fate of the Chatpata Naan in India- it may become part of the permanent menu, based on customer response, which means that the Chatpata naan will forever be incorporated into McDonald’s Menu and all the generations to come will get a taste of it as well. Don’t be too surprised if it travels to other parts of the world. In fact, it might take over the Big Mac fame as well and become as legendary as naan around the world. The other possibility, which is as much possible as it is unwanted is that the Mc Chatpata Naan will just take a short run as part of the Flavours Without Borders menu and subsequently be discontinued. In this case, we could be the only generation to ever be able to taste it and therefore it is our responsibility to remember it in all its glory so as to be able to fairly describe its taste and feel to the generations who will be stripped of it.

So what we’re saying is that, one just cannot afford to miss trying out this amazing take on the humble naan and kebab by McDonald’s. As part of the new Flavours Without Borders menu, it’s an experience in itself. Trust us and head into your nearest McDonald’s outlet and feast on the Chatpata Naan like a true royal at heart. You are going to love it.

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