Chronic Knee Pain Or Other Knee Ailments-Knee Replacement May Be A Stable Solution!

Comprehending the anatomy of the human knee is crucial if one wants to understand how a knee replacement surgery is done. Inside the human knee, the ends of three key components namely the femur (the lower end of the thighbone), the tibia (the upper end of the shinbone), and the patella (the kneecap), meet at an area. This area is covered with a smooth substance known as articular cartilage which protects the bones and enables them to move easily. Between the femur and tibia, C-shaped wedges known as menisci are located. These wedges cushion the joint and act as ‘shock absorbers’. A thin lining covers all the surfaces of the knee and releases a fluid which lubricates the cartilage and reduces the friction to nearly zero in a healthy knee. This thin lining is termed as the synovial membrane.

Once the harmonious coordination between all these components of a knee gets disrupted, disease or injury occurs. Consequently, the knee suffers from pain, swelling or stiffness, muscle weakness, and reduced function. In such a case you are advised to visit the best knee replacement surgeon.

See a veteran knee replacement surgeon

For injured or diseased knees, a knee replacement surgery may be the best option. For getting a successful knee replacement surgery done, you must visit only the best knee replacement surgeon in India. Dr Gurinder Bedi, a renowned joint surgeon and an expert at performing knee replacement surgeries, is considered to be the best knee replacement surgeon in India.

While performing a knee replacement surgery, Dr Bedi first prepares the knee of the patient for the surgery and then positions the metal implants. Next, he resurfaces the kneecap and finally, inserts a medical-grade plastic spacer between the metal components to create a smooth gliding surface. A meticulous approach and a fully equipped clinic are what makes Dr Bedi the best knee replacement surgeon in india.

A word of caution to remember; any delay in treating an injured knee could lead to more damage and other severe complications. It is, therefore, imperative that you visit Dr Bedi and ensure proper treatment of your knees.

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