Cloud Computing Foundation – CCF Course

What is Cloud Computing Foundation – CCF and how will it help my organisation?

This is a one day online course developed to cover the basics of Cloud Computing. CCF course will help you acquire technical knowledge and its characteristics at the surface level and take you through the general management aspects of Cloud Computing which will cover IT service Management and Information Security.

Cloud Computing Foundation – CCF, a course by GSTF is now priced at USD 399 99.

GSTF courses are designed and developed to achieve competency over the course material and is offered both online and through in class room training.Check out our advanced eLearning courses, if you wish to go beyond Cloud Computing Foundation as well as for other GSTF training and certification programs on Cloud Computing, Big Data, IOT as well as Machine Learning and AI.

Benefits for participants attending the Cloud Computing Foundation Course:

  • Learn about principles and foundations of cloud computing, various types of clouds, and current cloud offerings
  • Develop the ability to evaluate cloud’s basic offerings and examine and recommend suitability of, cloud computing for a given application considering several technical and non-technical aspects.
  • Understand various skill sets required for Cloud Computing job market
  • Build a private cloud using open source tools

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