Content Guidelines

1. Word Limit : Your post should be more than 300 words at least. That’s true, I’m only accepting well researched and comprehensive posts here on Articles Dunia. So please don’t submit short posts as I won’t be able to publish them.

2. Featured Image: Must upload at least one featured image then you can upload another image in content body. If you are not uploading the image in featured section. So, we are not accepted images in content body.

3. Guest Post Topics : Any type of posts acceptable. Adult content not allowed. Like escorts services.

4. Link Policy : Don’t include more than 1 relevant link in your content post. If your content word content is more than 400 then we are accept 2 links.

5. Content Ownership : Your post will be published at only. It could not be republished or used anywhere in any form. We do not publish DUPLICATE content. First paragraph anchor text link not allowed.

6. Content Language : Only English language is allowed.

7. Content post should be written by you and not copy paste from some other source. The content must have 60 to 70% uniqueness.

8. Category Guidelines:

If your relevant category is not available then you can select Uncategorized section.

We’ll take care of that for you.

9. Also ensure that you write about an INTERESTING topic with INFORMATIVE.

10. We have a notification system that will let you know when your article was published.

11. If your article was moved to the trash pile, it’s for one of three common reasons : duplicate content, poor writing skills, or simply an uninformative article.