Curvy is in, come celebrate it this season with our collection!

Fashion is for everyone so they say, but how many have actually applied to their designs? Most of us see stunning one of kind pieces on fashion runways at a price that most of us will have to sacrifice a month’s salary to own it. With such trends dominating the fashion market, Oxolloxo with its inception 5 years ago turned out to be a revolution in its own. Introducing fashion styles not just for the petite, but the curvy beautiful chicas out there. It is time to spread your wings and fly with Oxolloxo as your personal stylist. A brand that caters to women one and all because beautiful for us does not come in one size or shape. How many times have you look at the girl next to you in the elevator or a party and thought to yourself – “I can never carry off a dress like that”, now think again? With the entire feminism awakening with the new generation, we have decided to give women some more power.

Our fashion induced plus size clothing boasts of charismatic styles ranging from tops, shirt, dresses, tunic, and even bottoms to make sure you are covered when it comes to fashion. For us, a size is just a number and even though our sizes range from 2XL till 5XLwe encourage our customers always to go for the fit. The fit is what that matters the most as if the size is okay but the fit isn’t right, you will be uncomfortable the entire time. Our collection consists of the chicest plus size tops that bring alive this season with their bold prints, so whether it was the trendy floral or fashion polka we have it all. Dresses we feel are a must have for every woman’s closet and instantly adds glamour and definition to your style. That is why our versatile range of plus size dresses has a variety that is sure to spoil you for choice. So come to get pampered with a collection that suits your mood or the occasion from a short dress, midi, A-Line, skater or more.

Embrace your body today with our beautiful bottoms that perfectly complete every look. After all, the real confidence lies in you and how you feel in your own skin. The reason our growing legion of customers keeps growing is that we understand your needs and are flexible to adapt. These days you will come across many shopping brands playing with plus size fashion, but most of them have started when Oxolloxo had already set a name for itself. Our filter options make every task easier for you to narrow down your search and find exactly what you are looking for. More importantly, if you worry about the fabric quality, be sure to read our Product Description window before making your choice. For anything else our fashion champions are available 6 days a week to help you with any doubt you may have. If you still do not like what was delivered, don’t fret and be calm. We offer a 100% refund to all our dissatisfied customers or an exchange if they want to make one free of cost. With such moral ethics and high-quality control, we make sure to only deliver a product if it passes our standards.

This festive season, shirts are all the rage! Whether it was a formal meeting to seal the deal for your future or a casual brunch with the ladies of the hour, make an impression that leaves a lasting mark. Your fashion sense defines what your character is and you are about to seriously step up the game with yours. So this season, it is time to revamp your entire wardrobe and flaunt those curves which make you the exquisite beauty that you are.

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