Delectable Grilled Burgers from McDonald’s One Must Try

Busy, hectic schedules, long working hours and improperly timed meals – this is an apt way to describe the younger members of the Indian working community. For the lot of us that cannot enjoy home-cooked meals at regular times like the more fortunate ones among us, we’ve developed all the necessary skills required for hunting and foraging for the next meal to rival our ancient ancestors. It’s either that, or you could pop in to your nearest outlet of McDonald’s!

In McDonald’s, you will find all the flavours ranging from that long forgotten spice from your hometown square to a special preparation from South American shores, all in the recognizable size and shape of a burger. The chefs at McDonald’s are known for their continuous culinary innovations, and it’s almost as if you see a new or special edition item on the menu every time you visit an outlet. However, the really interesting part about these offerings is that they are made with special care, steamed and grilled, and not always fried. Both of the former methods are known to be healthier than the latter, and mentioned below are some of the most popular burgers at McDonald’s that are not fried.

  • Veg McMuffin: A delicious corn and spinach patty grilled to crispiness enveloped by two loaves of burger – say hello to the Veg McMuffin! Its light yet filling, and a spicy way to start your day.
  • McEgg: Yes, it’s as simple as it sounds – the McEgg is one layer of steamed egg teamed with finely chopped onions, mayonnaise, and Indian spices, in the form of a burger.
  • Dosa Masala Brioche: Enveloped by a type of special French bread called the Brioche, and with the filling of a grilled potato patty, this burger is light and delectable.
  • Chicken Maharaja Mac: The mouth-watering chicken patty of this popular headliner burger is grilled, not fried!
  • Chicken American Cheese Supreme: If it’s all about getting a taste of a classic American grilled chicken burger, your search ends at the limited edition Chicken American Cheese Supreme!

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