Different Styles Of Bridal Jewellery Sets Worth Taking a Look at

The desire of a bride is basically two things- Outfit and Jewellery. But sometimes, picking up the bridal jewellery can seem like a herculean task. With myriad designs and patterns available in the market especially on the online stores, one is generally perplexed. However, with careful scouting and a proper research, selecting beautiful necklace and pendants will be like a cakewalk. Here is a gist of parameters that can come in handy:

  • Set aside your budget. You really don’t want to put pressure on your pocket, so the best thing is to demarcate your budget and then select the jewel pieces
  • Select the material - Material selection is the next crucial thing. One can go for gold, diamond, and Swarovski or stone studs. Every material has a flavour of its own and hence the one that has been your dream forever should be opted for.
  • Careful select design and pattern- bridal jewellery is an exclusive piece which will be worn just once in a lifetime. Hence utmost care should be taken while selecting a piece. Look at the designs, patterns that befits your personality as well as gels in well with your attire

Once the preparatory phase is over, one can think of the different designs that are available in the market. Here are some of the varieties which are popular favourite in the present scenario. Let’s have a look at them

  • Polki styled set – Creating an allure which is worthy of treasuring for a lifetime, the polka styled set is inevitably the best one to go for. The craftsmanship speaks of grandeur in its every cut and polki’s together ensemble a piece that is simply jaw dropping gorgeous. With emeralds, crystals and kundan combination, it just sets up a glam beautiful necklace
  • Traditional Gold Sets- Gold has been the best friend of women since ages and the traditional sets of gold till date have a charm and of their own. Gold sets in intricate designs or hefty patterns can be opted for. Gold is one material that gels well with sarees, lehenga’s as well as salwar’s alike.
  • Diamond Sets- Creating a subtle sultry look can be very easy with a sleek and bling diamond sets. Perfect to be donned on western wear, it speaks of royalty in a very sombre manner. Diamond sets of varying patterns can be selected right from sleek ones to gorgeous dazzling ones that will invite an envious eye from everyone in the party.
  • Semi stoned sets – Semi stones can be used in pendants too but a set form look more gigantic and elegant. Chunky patterns with coloured hues give it an extra edge to match the sets with the apparel. A dramatic appeal or a chunky look can be easily got from semi stoned sets. Semi stoned sets can also be coupled with kundan sets to get an bedazzling appeal which is sure to grab the attention of one and all.
  • Swarovski sets –Unique in appeal, the Swarovski sets have an opulence and grace of their own. They are ideal for the Indo Western outfits which are prevalent in today’s scenario. Swarovski can be paired up with gowns and skirts levying a contemporary appeal.
  • Antique Gold Sets –Gold sets with the antique finesse are also quite in these days. Digging the essence of the by gone era, the antique sets levy a touch of tradition. Big chunky or hefty designs with intricate patterns of the olden times are the mark of such antique sets.

While pendants and beautiful necklace​ designs and patterns are umpteen in the market, the aforementioned bridal Jewellery sets are the most popular one’s in the current scenario. So pick one and give yourself what you are truly worthy of.

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