Different Styles Of Hindu Wedding Mandap Decorations

Is your wedding around the corner? Are you still confused about Hindu wedding mandap decoration? Well, we can understand the quandary. With so many styles and options available, you are bound to get confused. But, if you are able to spend some time to explore mesmerizing and fascinating décor options available, you can definitely leave your guests speechless.

Decorating Hindu wedding Mandaps is extremely crucial to light up the day and spice up the mood. But without proper planning, creativity and coordination, it cannot be accomplished. You can either come up with your own decoration ideas or get suggestions from a professional wedding decorator. In order to ease out the process, we have dictated different styles of wedding decoration that you can choose from.

Theme based decoration:

Choosing a theme based wedding decoration is an excellent way of giving an orientation to the special day. The couple can express their passion by creating a unique atmosphere and leave a lasting impression by decorating the mandap in accordance with the chosen theme. The theme decoration may consist of flowers, drapes, balloons and other decorative items chosen in specific style and colours. The costumes of bride and groom are also taken into consideration to execute this kind of decoration ideas.

Traditional style decoration:

This type of Indian wedding mandap decoration is extremely popular among Hindus who want everything to be in traditional style. Decorative items such as flowers, candles, lamps, diyas, paper designers and garlands are used in traditional style decoration.

Contemporary style:

In this type of wedding mandap decoration, extensive lights are used to adorn the entire venue. This style seems to be unique with amplified light and sound system. The stage decorators use colourful balloons, drapes, fabrics and imported flowers to achieve the contemporary style.

No matter what your favourite decoration style is, choosing an expert decorator is extremely crucial. The professional whom you choose should endeavour to make the best efforts to make your vision a reality. Before enrolling with a specific decorator, you could check out their work online. If you are satisfied with their work and really feel that you have found the right decorator, you can definitely make your wedding a memorable event.

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