Digital Fine Art Photography – for aesthetic beauty and its meaningfulness

Fine Art photography is a recent phenomenon. Till about a few years ago, it was believed that fine arts could be rendered only by painters and artists and not photographers who can only click still images or videos. Today there is a rising trend amongst fresh and new photographers who are out to exploit their artistic and creative talent. Experts are of the opinion that creating fine arts photographs is about an idea or message that a photographer wishes to communicate to the world outside. Such messages can evolve from small little thoughts and fine arts photographers leave no unturned to express this thought or idea. To give life to this small little subject the photographer uses his camera and other equipments just like other photographers.

Fine arts require the onlooker to use his emotions to interpret the meaning behind the work of art. Similarly the photographer needs to present his work in a manner that the viewer is able to understand the intention of the photographer – the reason why he created the picture, what was his thought process behind the photograph and how did the idea originate.  In order to study the finer aspects of digital fine art photography, you need to –

  • Have a digital camera
  • The know-how to handle other genre of photography - nature and landscape photography, abstract close-up photography, fashion photography, photojournalism etc.
  • Know the correct combination and permutation of black and white, colour and shades, control of exposures.

A three month stint at a good reputed photography institute is enough to get you on the path of specializing in digital fine art photography. Once your course is completed, you can start your independent work. Before that, however, you can work as an assistant to a professional fine arts photographer to learn better the tricks of trade.  In order to become a full-fledged expert in digital fine art photography, you need to -

  • First come up with an idea or thought that really stirs your consciousness – something that you have been passionate about and want to convert into art
  • Along with the idea you would also want to dwell upon the technique that you would adopt to give life to your idea.
  • Once the above two points are clear, you need to choose a relevant topic.
  • The next decision is to choose the particular subject that you need to photograph to give your idea, your thoughts the much required live extension.

Once the subject has been fixed and ascertained, stat your work using your selected techniques. Make sure that you do not lose focus of the original idea that you had in your mind. Since it a complete portfolio of pictures that you need to create, your digital images and photographs require to be in synch with each other and look cohesive. Fine arts photographers generally display their work of art in exhibitions – hence it is necessary to ensure that your work practically fits with the art world and its sentiments.

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