Diplomatic Passport and Honorary Consul Appointment – Now Easily Available

An honorary consul is an actor involved into the activities of international relations. In majority of cases, he will be serving into his own country followed by supporting interests of legal entities along with citizens of another country. He is also held responsible for serving economic cum commercial interests with the official agreement of the particular sending state.

Factors Taken into Consideration for Appointment

After you successfully get honorary consul appointment from the concerned authority, you may easily stimulate educational, cultural, scientific relations as well as tourism. Your appointment takes into consideration the following factors like:

  • Personal prestige
  • Integrity
  • Influence
  • Stability of your assets
  • Certain commitment to sending state

Material allowances are usually not taken into consideration for activities of consuls. In order to get appointed for the office of a consul must be a genuine citizenship holder of the receiving country. Also, he must hold a permanent residence in the respective consular district. At the same time, the concerned candidate must be in a favorable position for:

  • Operating from own resources regardless of remuneration
  • Duly qualified
  • Having no criminal record
  • Knowledgeable enough in the native language
  • Getting held in high public esteem as well as social repute
  • Unbounded by fulfilling functions on behalf of third state

Tasks to be Completed

The head of the diplomatic mission of the sending country holds the authority to put forward a nomination to the foreign minister, holding the legal authority of making such appointments. Getting into connection with the appointment procedure into the receiving country, the holder of diplomatic passport completes the following tasks:

  • Preliminary inquiries
  • Personal proposals

Such prestigious diplomatic appointments along with passport programs are mainly meant for persons of wealth and guys who are serious enough. Also, the person appointed must hold the ability to offer the hosting country something valuable in return against diplomatic appointment. The cost of the appointment to some extent depends upon the positions available along with country cum CV and proof of funds test.

Getting Provided with the Option of Traveling

As a part of the program, you will be provided with the option of travelling to the host countries consulate to meet the Ambassador personally. He will be there to present you with your credentials cum diplomatic passport. As an alternate, the ambassador will be sending the same to you through a reliable courier service.

Ensuring about Genuineness

At the same time, proof of funds play a vital role. It may be a recent and updated bank statement that will reflect your name in a crystal clear manner. For security purpose, it is suggested to whiteout the account number. For correspondence convenience, it is essential to provide details like nationality, country of legal residence along with place of business and city.

After you get qualified successfully, you will be ensured about your genuineness to serve in a diligent manner.

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