Discover Huelva Step By Step

Huelva was present when Caravels headed by Colon sailed up to the first trip to America continent, it was an important moment to Spanish history; but it was really important for world history too. Who comes to Huelva, find several places of history, enviable gastronomy and incredible beaches where you can enjoy your summer holidays or free time.

A first option to start the Huelva discovery is The Wind Dock. Although its name could indicate that it is located near to Wind river, it is not there due to it is located to Odiel river. It was built in 1876 and it was active during 99 years. Now this dock is giving us a wonderful picture that you can enjoy it. The walk through 2 floors are located for the streets Adolfo Suarez President and Sur Avenue, and you can take into account and see town symbols such as: Sevilla Station, mudejar style; and Colon House. This last building was a hotel at the beginning, but nowadays it is headquarter of Ibero-American Cinema Festival of Huelva.

In a side of the Winde river you can find Caravels Dock. It is a theme park where you will discover three replicates of known ships. In the hill after the dock you will find La Rabida monastery, where monks embraced Color and even they helped to convince to Isabel queen that Cristobal was not crazy. Seven kilometres after Wind river in the middle of strawberry fields, you find Moguer house. It is a mandatory visit the Juan Ramón Museum-house, place where there is an extensive personal library of Juan Ramón Jiménez.

There are many options offered by Huelva to taste some different “tapas”, joined between classics and modern types. In the Vazquez López street there are several bar and restaurants which are specialized on “tapas”. If you want to taste classic tapas, you need to visit the restaurant Azabache, where we find Iberian toasts, prawns, etc. But if you want to taste modern tapas, it is recommendable “La Fonda de María Mandao” and you can taste tapas such as: prawn in burger, gulas, etc.

About beaches, people and tourist talk about Punta Umbría, which are the beaches closest. You can arrive there through fluvial transport, la canoa, it is a tradition for tourists and people from there. There is a bicycle lane, so it could be possible arrive there by bike. The last option is by car. If you do not have own car, you could car hire Malaga

In order to finish the trip, you should go to viewpoint Mandala, where you can enjoy incredible views in a lounge-bar. The style of the bar is oriental with electronic and relaxing music.

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