Dive and explore the deep domain of CATIA through an online training

Computer Aided Three Dimensional Interactive Application, abbreviated as CATIA®, is one of the most powerful designing software, used earlier in automotive and aerospace designing. However, now the scope of CATIA has expanded and is being used in architecture, consumer goods, electronics, shipbuilding and many more. The CATIA online training helps the aspiring candidates in learning this software and work on its exceptional 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Here, this article explains you about the wide scope and application area of this software and how this training will help you in grabbing numerous opportunities available in this field.

Application area of CATIA:

  1. Mechanical engineering: CATIA allows the creation of 3D designs of mechanical devices, from the 3D images. The software provides advanced technological innovation for mechanical appearance & BIW and tools to finish item meaning.
  2. Design: The use of CATIA provides a more accurate way to shape, style and design the complicated impressive forms along with its technological innovation. It also provides solution for design creativity and product experience.
  3. Systems engineering: CATIA provides a unique and open development and designing platform that allows simulation of complex systems and multifaceted cyber-physical products. It also allows the user to modify or develop specific performance-centered systems.
  4. Electrical systems: The CATIA software is used the designing and production of electrical systems, right from its conceptualization till the finishing procedure.
  5. Fluid systems: CATIA can also be used for designing directed systems like pipes, tubes, HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) systems.

Benefits of the CATIA online training:

The online CATIA training provides you the skills and abilities to work in the multidisciplinary manufacturing industries such as automotive, shipbuilding, etc. The training addresses the different process related to project management cycle and makes you proficient with this software. This training is beneficial for those who work in engineering, design and system engineering field. However, the aspirants need to have a logical bent of mind and can understand engineering drawings and should be well-acquainted with the Windows operating system. Some of the important topics covered under this training are:

  • Introduction & Understanding to CATIA® Environment
  • Sketch Profile toolbar with constraints
  • Understanding Geometric and Dimensional Constraints
  • Creating base Solid Models
  • Using Reference Elements and Modeling features
  • Dress up features or feature editing toolbar
  • Part Design Features and Cut-copy features
  • Reordering features and Parent-child relationship, etc.

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