Do I Have To Trademark My Business Name?

For those who have not registered a trademark, it might cost millions to safeguard it in the future or you may actually lose your rights to use it. Taking into consideration quanto costa registrare un marchio (how much does it cost the trademark) and you can do the paperwork yourself in moments, trade marking your business name is definitely a smart idea.

The answer is that a marchio registrato (registered trademark) offers you the special right to use your business name anywhere with products and services you have recognized within your registration, and enables you to impose your trademark by filing a legal action in federal court. All those are good protections, however it will depend on you to monitor illegal uses of the name and do something to stop that.

Whether you should registrare marchio (register trademark) for your company depends on the scope of the business, the kind of name you possess and if you have enough time and cash to file for trademark registration.

What Is a Trademark?

A marchio registrato (registered trademark) identifies the foundation of goods or solutions. Company names, logos and brands can be logos. You get a trademark through the use of your trade mark in commerce-in other terms, using the name when you do business.


Trademarks avoid the confusion that could happen if multiple businesses utilized the same names and/or trademarks. The legal procedure for trade marking is presents a formal notice that a company is proclaiming distinctive privileges to a name in a particular geographic location.


If you just operate in a single state you do not need to have a trademark for your business name because you have the rights to utilize it, and you are permitted to use it, Issues could occur, nevertheless, once your company grows into new markets and other companies operate under the same business name.

Registering a company Name

When you have formed a company, corporation or any other formal business entity, you have register for your business name in a state. Having a business locations other folks on note that you are using your name, no other business could be created in the state with the same name. Quanto costa registrare un marchio (how much does it cost the trademark) depends on the state.

If you run as a sole proprietorship, you can register your company name like a trade name, also called a fictitious business name. In a few states, you are able to register your name statewide by submitting an application and paying for the service that typically varies according to where you are. Other states do not have statewide registration of trade business trademarks, and you need to register the name with your city or county. Charges also differ.

Other Ways to Safeguard Your Company Name

Imagine if you cannot or do not t need to, trademark a name? Your name might still involve some useful protections in your state.

If you form a business entity like a corporation or limited legal liability, a state will not enable another entity to be created with the same name. If you do not form a company entity, you might still enjoy this security through a marchio registrato (registered trademark) in your state.

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