Dried Parsley Leaves - Specification, Health Benefits, Storage

Natural and pure, Parsley is a fresh herb with rich forest-green curled leaves that resemble that of coriander. The decorative ruffled leaves of Parsley add a mild sweet taste and a pleasant grassy flavour to a variety of cuisine that makes this delicate herb, a wonderful garnish on almost any dish. In powdered form, can be used as a spice to be mixed in food while cooking. Parsley adds a bright fresh palate and a splash of colour to soups and stews and makes them more visually appealing. This herb is known to possess a wide range of nutrients too.

Dried Parsley Flakes Specification:

Product Name: Dried Parsley Leaves

Processing Method: Machine-Dried / Sun-Dried Leaves

Leaves Granulation: 1-5mm, 1-3mm, Powders

Appearance (colour): Green

Packaging: 10kg in Kraft paper bag with Inner Liner

Taste & Aroma: Mild BitterHow we process Dehydrated Parsley Leaves?

Fresh Parsley leaves are mildly rinsed and gently laid out to dry. The discoloured leaves are then picked out. To preserve its nutrients, the dehydrator is preheated to the lowest temperature. The leaves of this herb are clipped and spread over on a thin layer on trays in the dehydrator for uniform air circulation. Depending upon the moisture content of the herb, the Parsley takes at least eight to twelve hours to dry. And, thus parsley is dehydrated until brittle, such that the leaves are crisp and crumbly between the fingers. Once dry, Dehydrated Parsley is spread out to cool.

Where we can use dried parsley leaves?

Parsley is a versatile herb with a subtle flavour. Parsley is used for flavouring boiled potatoes, baked fish, chicken, or even steamed rice livening up bland or boring dishes. It also adds a garnishing taste to vegetable curries, noodles, squash and soups, stews, sandwiches and taste yum in salads. It is sprinkled upon cauliflowers, carrots, yoghurt dips, roasted chicken, pasta, casseroles, etc. Parsley is also sometimes used in tea and also added to other herbs to make spice blends.

Health Benefits of Air-Dried Parsley Leaves:

Parsley does a lot more than making your plate look pretty. This unique herb has medicinal value and if taken daily, it helps in maintaining a high level of well being.

1. Good source of calcium, manganese and potassium.

2. Has antioxidant flavonoids and rich in vitamin K, C, E, Foliate and B complex Vitamins.

3. A herbal solution for menstrual problems and has anti-diabetic properties.

4. Prevents bad breath and is also used to treat ear infections, bruises & insect bites, digestive problems and anaemia.

Storing of Air-Dried Parsley Flakes:

Dehydrated Parsley would be beneficial if stored for a 1 year of shelf-life, by when they lose their distinct aroma and flavour. To preserves its freshness, store in air-tight containers at a cool dry place to keep off moisture.

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