Duration of Recovery In Paralysis

Paralysis is a condition where a person experiences loss of muscle function in the body and suffers from sensory loss. It can either affect one side of the body, known as Hemiplegia, or both sides of the body, known as Diplegia.
There are numerous conditions that can lead to Paralysis. The most common causes are stroke, head injury, spinal cord injury and multiple sclerosis. The type of paralysis that a patient suffers from will depend on the cause of the paralytic attack. The time taken to recover from a paralysis can vary from patient to patient. Sai Sanjivani offers the best Ayurvedic Paralysis treatment and the patient can see the change in movement of the paralyzed limb within 30 days of treatment for paralysis.

A stroke occurs when the brain is damaged due to lack of blood supply. Eighty percent of all strokes occur when blood flow to the brain is suddenly cut off- usually by a blood clot or some obstruction. Sai Sanjivani Paralysis treatment works wonders and more than 70% patients show improvement in paralytic condition within the first month of treatment. The patients can see the changes and feel the improvement in the body.

The process of recovering from brain hemorrhage happens quite fast. Progress and recovery are different for each person. A patient can feel the recovery in the first month of the Paralysis treatment. Some abilities that have been lost usually start to come back. Recovery after brain hemorrhage depends on several factors:

• The location of the bleeding, cause and the extent of bleeding.

• Brain hemorrhage patients recover completely within 4-6 months, whereas, brain clot patients recover within 3-4 months.

• People who have had a brain stroke have an increased risk of another stroke, especially during the first year after the original stroke and the duration of recovery also increases.

Ayurvedic Paralysis Treatment offered by Sai Sanjivani is very effective and their medicines work on the root cause of Paralysis. They suggest their patients to make videos every month during the treatment showing the voluntary movements in the paralyzed area. This helps them to compare and measure recovery in patients.
Spinal cord injury is devastating, not only for the injured person but for families and friends. Improvements can be seen every month but recovery takes a long time and depends on many factors including the type and degree of injury and the patient’s age, general health, and other injuries. While most recovery occurs in the first six months, some may continue until 12- 18 months after the injury. The patients have to be strong during the treatment for the best outcomes.

The patients are strictly advised to take medicines properly and follow the diet instructions to get maximum and good results. Regular exercising can help the patient cope better and also improve overall health.

If you want to take Paralysis Treatment, the author of the article recommends Sai Sanjivani.

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