East India Tour Packages with Affordable Prices

East India Tour Packages remain extremely popular among those seeking history, religion and cultures all around. This part of India is steeped into tranquility, impressive facades of nature, unseen cultures, unmatched religions, and a lot more. This is the region where Siddhartha became Buddha in Bihar, preached his sermons of Dharma in Vaishali, mighty Sun Temple glorifies Orrisa, and diverse culture are embedded in the city of Kolkata.

East India tour packages sell like hot cakes due to these diversified attractions which keep travelers hooked to this region of India forever.

Bihar remains the most popular state adorning East India. It oozes massive cultures and traditions which show in its past as well as present. Many ancient dynasties like Mauryas, the Guptas and the Palas once ruled here and left their marks which can be still seen. This is the birthplace of world's earliest university, Nalanda University. Bodhgaya's Mahabodhi Temple and the Bodhi Tree here remain popular places in Buddhism here where Buddha achieved enlightenment. The state is also known for its series of wildlife parks like Palamau Tiger Reserve, Rajgir Sanctuary, Gautam Buddha Sanctuary, Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary and Udhwa Lake Bird Sanctuary.

Most of the East India Tour Packages include Orrisa as a main destination as it brings a mélange of history and cultures. The state is nestling with lush Eastern Ghats and shares its borders with Jharkhand, West Bengal, Chhattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh. Enjoy a tour to Orissa to spend some time amidst gleaming lakes, cascading waterfalls, beautiful beaches, and much more. The Jagannath temple, raised in the twelfth century, here is of high importance. Other popular places to explore in Orrisa include beaches of Puri and Gahirmatha, Sun Temple in Konark, Lingaraja Temple and Mukteshwara Temple of Bhubaneshwar, Chilika Lake, Lingraj temple, Udaygiri caves, etc. Orissa also has a flourishing tribal culture as 62 tribes reside here in complete harmony.

West Bengal
West Bengal has beautifully preserved its age old traditions till date. It is known for its unmatched art forms, lively festivals, dramatic wildlife and abundance of nature. The state has everything for everyone. Visit Tiger Hill for catching spectacular sunrise views. Victoria Memorial is also popular for housing a royal bronze statue of Queen Victoria. Raj Bhavan here has a dramatic looking Gothic architecture and is of great historical importance. The state has numerous places of religious importance too. Visit the Dakshineswar Temple featuring 9 temples of Goddess Kali and 12 other shrines of Lord Shiva. Kalighat Kali Temple of West Bengal is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas. There is no dearth of wildlife in West Bengal as the state has some known wildlife hubs like Singalila National Park, Neora Valley National, Gorumara National Park, Senchal Game Sanctuary and Sunderban Tiger Reserve.

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