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"SAP training courses"

Founded in the year 1972, SAP was established with the aim of developing enterprise resource solutions to enhance work processes and data management in organizations. The SAP training courses provide you knowledge about the different SAP modules and also teaches you how to implement these modules in your organization. This training also prepares you for SAP certification, which is the most sought-after certification in the present time.

Although SAP has a total of 25 modules, there are only a few SAP modules that are highly deployed. Here is given about some of the widely implemented SAP modules in an organization:

  • FICO (Finance & Control): FI and CO are the two closely integrated SAP modules that help organizations generate financial statement for decision making. An apt training on SAP FICO module can help candidates to build proficiency in analyzing costs and calculate profits earned.
  • MM (Material Management): SAP Materials Management is a part of SAP module that allows the management of all the procurement activity of an organization. An online training on SAP MM can provide individuals the ability to execute all material management tasks with ease.
  • SD (Sales & Distribution): SAP® Sales & Distribution (SD) module looks after the processes right from order to delivery of a product. It takes care of Sales Orders, Consignments, Credit & Debit Memo Requests, etc. The online training in this module will provide a deep understanding about handling of pre-sales activities, Sales and Distribution aspects, sales orders, and much more.
  • HR (Human Resources): SAP HR, also known as SAP HCM (Human Capital Management) is an important SAP module that supports the process of human resource management in the organization. SAP® ERP-HR online training acquaints participants with the capabilities and functionalities of SAP ERP software for managing human resource activities.
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management): SAP CRM helps in building a good relationship with the customers, which has increased its popularity among the most of the business organizations. The proper knowledge of the SAP CRM software helps you to interact with your customers anywhere, anytime.
  • ABAP (Advanced Business Application Management): The knowledge of SAP ABAP can be highly beneficial for the developers and programmers who are interested in developing a user-friendly business oriented application and can thus help the enterprise to increase their business.

The SAP online training courses on any of the above mentioned SAP modules can help individual in building a bright career in this domain.

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