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Tiny Town Nursery

Preschool and Day-care, in today’s time, has become the utmost necessary requirement of the society and parents. Like parents, it is a difficult position for a Preschool and Day-care, to present itself with a difference and better opportune. Pre-school in ITPL, have a strong philosophy, identity, ready to adapt and innovate, with a firm understanding of developing appropriate techniques.


Tiny Town Nursery, one of the Best Day-care in Whitefield, is a small town like area sprawled across 10,000 sq. ft, depicting things harmonizing with the child and development. It is nestled in NPR complex in Whitefield, well equipped with latest on road facilities like –

  • CCTV Monitoring,
  • Alert and agile security guards,
  • Fire Extinguishers,
  • Fire Alarms
  • Access Control System.

It has well trained, dedicated supporting staffs and teachers, who love and enjoy children. It enrolls children from as less as 6 weeks to 6 years, tenderly loving and taking care of them with dedication.

Tiny Town Nursery, best Pre-school in Whitefield, formulates that a child can best grow in the natural environment with little guidance and highly researched practical methodology. The child can explore and enjoy the environment at its own pace. Research has shown that giving a time clock, diverts the child from performing. The child moves in small groups interacting with its members and learning from each other. It is believed that the process is more important than the finished result of what the child has accomplished.

For the very young babies, there are a different set of staff members trained as nurses and are on 1-1 child ratio. The child has complete care with proper hygienic food and bed. There is an inbuilt hygiene well-equipped kitchen sourcing vegetarian food for children. Each child’s data is maintained with its medical history and other necessary details so that the child can be taken care of accordingly and during an emergency, no mishappening may occur. The environment is set alike home to make the child feel comfortable and homely.

For early childhood years– coloring is one thing every child enjoys and is believed to develop a child 360 degree. The child has enormous ways to explore with colors, as open-ended art boosting decision making, independence, and creativity. It also has a positive and soothing effect on a child. Children can play independently outside every day, which enhances child’s social skills, problem-solving, cooperating, sharing and releasing and exercising bubbling energy in the child.

The outdoor field is equipped with attachments for climbing, running, throwing, catching swinging, which all improves the child’s motor skills and control over body movements. The attachments are all child safe and made in the accident-free design, giving attention to the lines and corners.

The indoor activity prepares a child for holding the pencil, developing speech and pronunciation practice. The teacher stresses on phonetics, and child’s adaptation to sound, which will help the child for reading in later years, also it helps to clear and develop his vocal cords. The child is given materials like dough to squeeze, beads to string, pegboards to decorate, tying laces, using measuring spoons and cups, and building blocks to play, which develops the child’s hands and strengthens his capacity to hold and use fingers.

The mission and vision of Preschool and Day-care are to nurture & prepare the child for future school in a healthy and positive manner, allowing the child to easily slip into the new school environment.

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