CTS Placement Papers

CTS Placement Papers

Core Treasury System (CTS) web portal is designed and developed to provide user interface to various users of treasury department in the state.This portal provides real time data of treasury transactions on central data server through dedicated lease line connecting all 91 Treasuries/Sub Treasuries across the state. Department of Finance, Secretaries, Treasuries, Head of Departments, Finance Controllers, Bankers, RBI, CCL, PLA, Autonomous Bodies, Employees and Pensioners can get instant information through internet by using their login and password. This will help more than 4345 DDO’s of the state to reconcile the receipt and payment details with treasury figures. More than 120 HODs will be benefited to get their grant/scheme wise progressive expenditure / Budget details.

Cognizant Question Papers and Previous Papers

CTS placement papers 2018 has now changed the pattern you can find the practise questions and study materials papers for Cognizant Placement on PrepInsta based.

Now, Cognizant Test Papers conducted on Campus Online Test Pattern and syllabus for 2018 both for on campus/off campus and 2.53 LPA/3.38 LPA is same.

But, there is one more profile for which they pay 6.5LPA for which they again use the syllabus is of very different pattern, details for this profile you will find in the last section of this page. Rather than solving, CTS sample papers and model papers with answers to prepare the best for Cognizant placement and practise papers.

CTS Placement Papers 2018 and Questions FAQ’s

Q. What was the difficulty for Cognizant Previous Paper in 2018 and what was cognizant written test pattern?

Ans: The difficulty level is said to be moderate with cognizant campus placement papers with answers pdf Quants section being the toughest one in cognizant placement papers.

Cognizant written test pattern was divided into 4 section in CTS Previous year Question Paper

  • Quants – 14 Ques
  • English – 25 Ques
  • Logical – 16 Ques
  • On Campus
    • Automata Fix – 7 questions
  • Off Campus
    • Coding Round – 2 Questions

Q. Where Can I find Cognizant online Test Questions with Answers?

Ans. You can find Cognizant online Test Practise Questions on our website PrepInsta by studying from the best resource for CTS Preparation.

Cognizant Test Papers Detailed FAQ’s

Q. What is the average Cut off for CTS placement papers while they conduct the on campus written test?

Ans. For cognizant campus placement papers cut off for each section would be 65%ile for cognizant test papers. You must score more than 65%ile in each section for the paper to proceed to the next round. The percentile calculation is not college based but national percentile from previous held exams for Cognizant written test papers and cts placement papers.



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