Gain a good understanding of Primavera P6 software and learn to use it efficiently for your project management

Primavera P6 online training

Primavera® P6 is a well-known project portfolio management software by Oracle which emphasizes on the effective management, planning and syncing of the project. A Primavera P6 online training provides you a complete overview of this software and provides you the skills to effectively use this software. This training is usually attended by those aspiring to work as Project Managers, Event Organizers, Project Planners, Consultants and Financial Project Analysts.

The Primavera software is robust, most powerful, and easy-to-learn solution for planning, prioritizing, managing, and executing international projects, programs, and portfolios. The scope of Primavera has been ever-changing, and it has made it easier to complete activities and tasks on time. It can also be used to organize projects up to a large number of activities, and also provides unlimited resources. There are numerous other benefits of Primavera, some of which are listed below:

  • The use of Primavera helps in providing a clear idea about the progress of the project.
  • It helps in the identification and mitigation of risks in that can occur while planning and managing a project
  • It assists in communicating clearly with the management and the execution team with the use of accurate data.
  • Tracking of multiple projects becomes easier using Primavera.
  • It allows project managers to create forecasts for budget, resources, activities, and other project needs.

Due to these benefits, its popularity is also increasing, several companies have started the use of this software. The pathway to become proficient in Primavera® is through getting a Primavera P6 training online. This training aids you in earning the Primavera certification that not only validates your skills, it also adds value to your resume and career. After getting a proper training in Primavera P6, you can easily get a good job and become a certified scheduler, planning engineer, project manager. As a skilled and trained project manager, you will be able to use Primavera to:

  • Navigate the user interface
  • Add a new project and establishing a work breakdown structure (WBS)
  • Define personnel and equipment requirement
  • Understand the project portfolio management (PPM)
  • Track and report project data
  • Baseline the project plan
  • Implement, manage, and update schedule
  • Calculate the project risk
  • Customize layouts, reports and grouping / sorting / filtering data
  • Customize projects and publishing on the World Wide Web
  • Import and export data
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