Glimpse of the benefits of Microsoft Windows Azure

Microsoft Windows Azure Training in Noida,Microsoft Windows Azure Training

Microsoft Azure is a premier cloud platform that has the double advantage of currently being only the major cloud platform which is also in the forefront of providing ‘infrastructure-as-a-service’ or IaaS. Microsoft Windows Azure Training program is intended to help you conceptualize the Microsoft Azure fundamentals and services provided on its platform. The training program will help you understand to configure and deploy Web applications and also master the creation and deployment of Azure Web apps. You will learn to create and configure Azure Virtual machines and will able to create and manage a storage account, while handling blobs and containers present in it. Azure offer several benefits, some of them are suggested here:

  • The Microsoft Azure cloud platform has been closely integrated with the other Microsoft tools available. This ensures a seamless hassle free environment. An organization which relies on Microsoft tools such as SharePoint, Office 365, etc. will find it advantageous to shift to Azure due to seamless integration between the tools and the cloud platform. The organization can use their current virtual machines using Windows and Linux in the Azure cloud.
  • Microsoft, being one of the oldest and largest IT Majors, has a good reputation in providing service and technical back-up. This strong brand reliability, gives Microsoft a premium tag which attracts customers.
  • Since Azure is an industry leader in PaaS and IaaS, Apps can be created and launched at a faster pace and will be easier to manage
  • Since the Azure cloud platform offers both PaaS and IaaS, organizations using Azure can outsource their cloud computing infrastructure as a ‘pay for what you use’ model of business. Using the PaaS allows an organization to take advantage of the following:
  • The Azure cloud platform is backed by Microsoft Data Centers, located round the world in 19 regions. This makes it is one of the few organizations that can boast of 99.95% availability, backed up by 24×7 technical support and constant monitoring of the health of the system. With such back-up, an organization using Azure need not worry about operational and technical glitches leading to downtime and loss of production.
  • Another benefit of Azure is that it provides SQL & NoSQL data services. It has built in support for deep analysis of data, which enables an organization to gather Business Intelligence. With this Business Intelligence, an organization gets an insight into business trends, customer preference etc. With such vital inputs, it can fine tune its business to take advantage of current and emerging market scenarios.

This Microsoft Azure training in Noida is ideal for the IT professionals who want to pursue a career in Cloud Computing and become Microsoft Azure Developer Specialist. This Azure course is a best fit for:

  • IT Professionals
  • .Net Developers
  • Solutions Architects
  • Application Developers
  • DevOps Engineers
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