Insights of the Features of Big Data Hadoop

Big Data Hadoop Training,Big Data Hadoop Training in Noida

Hadoop is an open source framework that provides the best data management facility to solve the existing issue of unsuccessful data management. It makes easy to run various applications on several clusters of networking systems with high processing speed. Big Data Hadoop Training program is very helpful to professionals to get success and reach new height in their career. The functional outcomes of Hadoop are most reliable and effective. Have a look on the features of Hadoop:

Open-source: It is an open source project and its can be changed as per the business requirements

Scalable: It is highly scalable as the new hardware can be easily added to the nodes.

Distributed Processing: Since Data is stored in HDFS in distributed way, it is processed in parallel on a cluster of nodes

Fault Tolerance: 3 replicas of each block are kept across the cluster in Hadoop and can be changed as per the requirement. This is how Hadoop is fault tolerant

Reliable: Owing to the repletion of data in the cluster, it is reliably store in the cluster of machine even when the machine fails.

High Available – Data is available despite hardware failure due to numerous copies of data. If a machine crashes, then data will be accessed from alternate path.

Easy to use: There is no requirement of client to deal with distributed computing the framework takes care of all the things, hence it is easy to use.

Economic: It is not very costly it runs on a cluster of commodity hardware. Any specialized machines is not required for it

Data Locality: Hadoop works on data locality principle which shows that move calculation to data instead of data to calculation. When a client submits the Map Reduce algorithm, this algorithm is moved to data in the cluster rather than bringing data to the location where the algorithm is submitted and then processing it.

The prerequisites for learning Hadoop include Core Java and good analytical skills to grip and implement the concepts in Hadoop. Big Data Hadoop Training in Noida is intended for professionals aiming to make a career in Big Data Analytics using Hadoop Framework.

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