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SAP ABAP (Advance Business Application Program) is an event-driven fourth generation language, used for developing business applications. Working professionals who wish to learn ABAP for developing applications or novice job seekers aspiring a future in ABAP can opt to learn ABAP online. The online training in ABAP also helps the candidate in preparing for the ABAP certification exam.

SAP ABAP has been developed to make SAP application more progressive which has resulted in an increase in the level of off-source projects and consequently an increase in the business of the organization.  This has resulted in an increase in the demand of the professionals who can develop applications in ABAP. The SAP ABAP online training program helps the professionals build user-friendly and secure SAP applications to obtain the highest point of working efficiency. This training familiarizes the learners with the ABAP Dictionary concepts, Loops and Branches, SAP Script symbols, Module Pools and Dialog Programs. Along with this, the participants will also be able to have a deep understanding of the following: Tables, Data Elements and Domains, Structure, Table types and Type pools, Factorial program, Recording Technique, etc.

ABAP is well known that programing or developing or editing an application for SAP R/3 and it requires an in-depth knowledge of ABAP for developing ABAP applications. The training provides the learner the knowledge and skills required to perform the following tasks:

  • Develop codes for programming or reporting on the Application Server, irrespective of the module.
  • Create programs using module pools, file handling, and scripting
  • Execute online as well as background of application programing.
  • Smart implementation of the printing process in the application.
  • Use modularization techniques covering macros, includes, subroutines, and function modules.
  • Write programs by implementing ABAP programming basics, including formatting, string/data operations, syntax check, etc.
  • Use the ABAP workbench to develop standard and customized application.
  • Create ABAP dictionary objects as well.

Nevertheless, the training of SAP ABAP makes the candidates highly efficient in building application using ABAP language and makes the path easy for them, when it comes to find a job or to make a lead on the job. Programmers and Developers wishing to build applications using ABAP can go for the SAP ABAP online training. In addition to this, freshers with B.Tech / BCA qualification can also opt this training and enter the field of SAP. Candidates need to have a sound knowledge of basic programming language, relational database, and object-object oriented concepts to undergo this training.

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