Learn and explore one of the simplest programming languages, the Python programming language

Python online training

Python® is a very simple, interactive, versatile and standard programming language. It is thought-about as the best language for the beginners because of its extremely crisp nature and the fact that it is simple to browse, perceive and learn. The Python online training not solely teaches you the ways to jot down the Python code, but, will also show you ways to develop real-time applications with Python. Python has very simple syntax and it is so easy to read and work with and it also allows for a more productive coding environment than languages like C# and Java. The other good thing about this language is that it can be used for everything from web development to software package development and scientific applications. These factors have led to a drastic increase in the interest of individuals towards this programming language.

Now talking about the Python training, the candidates who learn Python through this training, they get well-equipped with the Python programming fundamentals. Not only you will get acquainted with the basics but you will also gain the ability to put into practice the things you will learn. As the training approaches towards the end, students will gain expertise in using the language for Web programming, XML processing, game programming, rapid prototyping and more. The participants will get an in-depth knowledge of various Python® concepts, including Operators and Expressions, Data Structures, Control Flow, Functions and Modules, etc. Finally, the learner will be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Develop, debug, and build Python programs
  • Implement Python programming language basics on the given scenarios
  • Use functions to simplify the task
  • Create your own modules from the Python Standard Library
  • Import modules from the Python Standard Library
  • Use data structures
  • Write code for input-output data handling
  • Use regular expressions to search files and directories

The Python training online is ideal for the beginners as well as experienced programmers and the fact that attracts more and more candidates towards it is that the training provides very smooth learning curve. A basic understanding of computer programming terminologies in addition to a strong interest in exploring different programming languages will be the prerequisites for those who wish to enroll for this training. The training module is designed keeping in mind the following as its target audience:

  • Beginner Programmers
  • Intermediate Programmers
  • Students
  • Individuals interested in computer programming
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