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"Salesforce developer training"

The individuals who desire to demonstrate their expertise in designing, building, and implementing custom applications, the Salesforce App Builder is a credential that is perfect for them. The Salesforce developer training is significant for professionals if they want  to get trained on Salesforce App builder platform. This training covers all the aspects that are important for the development of an advanced featured application. There are certain cloud computing concepts that one needs to understand if they wish to pass the exam. The training allows you to assess yourself and get to know if you are ready for the Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder exam, or not. The Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder exam measures a candidate’s knowledge and skills related to the following objectives. This training provides you the complete knowledge about the Salesforce CRM software and its features that maximizes your chances of clearing the exam. The training course is designed to impart you the appropriate knowledge for understanding Salesforce and covers the following topics:

  • Business logic, UI, security, data model features
  • Understanding Salesforce Cloud, platform
  • Customizing apps, data validation, and debugging
  • Learning about inside and outside sales, customer support
  • Learn about Standard List Controller
  • Designing portals, reports and dashboard in Salesforce
  • Introduction to MVC Architecture and SOQL

The Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder training provides you the experience and information required for developing applications on the platform, including its basic concepts and practical application of the skills developed. The Salesforce developer online training provides the aspirant with an overview to object oriented programming using Salesforce Java like programming language known as Apex. Through the training you will learn about the basics of creating classes and triggers in code. Additionally, you can apply the best practices that will allow you to build your first application. This training is basically advantageous for Salesforce® Developers, Application Developers and Programmers, Professionals aspiring to explore® platform in order to develop applications and Individuals who have attended the Salesforce dev 401 training .  This training also gives you knowledge about the following Salesforce technologies:

  • Apex: Apex is a strongly typed, object-oriented, case-insensitive programming language provided by the platform to developers similar to Java and C#.
  • Visualforce: Visualforce is the view control technology on the platform that can be used to create entire custom pages inside a Salesforce organization.
  • Lightning: This is a component based framework on which the Salesforce1 mobile app is built on and is also available for the customers to build on it.


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