Reasons to use GIT for DevOps.

DevOps is a practice that brings both the developers and operations together in a more effective manner. This is a software development method that stresses communication, collaboration and integration...

DevOps is a practice that brings both the developers and operations together in a more effective manner. This is a software development method that stresses communication, collaboration and integration between software developers and operation teams for the better workflow of SDLC.

The skilled specialists are receiving the maximum salary in this work culture due to their flawless decision-making capability and distinctive thinking practice. Sometimes even testing experts may also make some mistakes once in some time but this methodology increases the accuracy rate due to its communicative capabilities. One should be able to acquire best practical methods of knowledge to improve the subject knowledge abilities and this methodology may act as a hottest technical knowledge with better career opportunities with practical experience of the particular tool or technology. The ever demanding markets are looking for the professionals with DevOps certification as the chance of absorbing them continuing to grow in the next few years.

What is Git and how it associates with this new technology?

Git is the free open source tool designed to handle everything for speed and efficiency. Due to its open source platform it is easy to modify the source code as per the requirements. Git will act as a powerful platform for this work culture.

There are numerous DevOps training institutes that provide DevOps course modules for the working professionals who are passionate to upgrade their skills where they will be trained on different tools including Git. The modes may be different such as online or classroom. One has to ensure this by doing a thorough research before joining the course.

Some of the exclusive features of Git are:

Git provides greaterSpeeds:

Git is an open-source platform and all the operations can be performed easily and efficiently. The fetching version history from the locally stored repository can be hundred times faster than fetching from remote server making it the fastest platform for performing operations by using Git platform.

Git is Scalable:

Git is scalable and has the capacity to handle increased collaboration as it stores the entirerepository and data stored in the client side is very less compared to storage in server side and this is only possible using Git.

Git is Reliable:

Since Git is the cloud-based local repository it comes handy for all the developers. In the case of system crash the recovery of data is better and easy by using Git as the data backup is cloud-based and accessed anywhere anytime.

Git is Secure:

Git stores data in the highly secured form. Every file and comment is carefully validated and stored in an encrypted form. The Git history is stored in the different way for complete development history leading up to that commit and after publishing it might be not possible to change the old versions.

Git is Economical:

Git is distributed version control system (DVCS) and is powerful enough to serve requests of the entire team easily. Git is more economical because of its cloud infrastructure and less dependency on the physical infrastructure making it economical.

Role of Git:

This is a practice of bringing agility to the processes of development and operations. This is a new ideology that has swept IT organizations worldwide as it boosts project life-cycles from design through the development processes to production. Git enables communication between the development and operations team and further increases the collaboration between and increases efficiency and productivity of an organisation.

Git enables a flawless communication between all the developers throughout the world. Further Git plays an important role in managing distributed network of developers and operations around the world and connecting them in a systematic manner for better efficiency and productivity.

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