Shri rawatpura sarkar institutions Datia,Gwalior MP

Introduction:  Shri Rawatpura Sarkar, the fastest growing group of Institution has college of nursing as its branch growing along side. It provides education to the nursing students which is a systematic sequential, planned course of action of two major inter dependents, the teacher and learner. Together they jointly perform teaching learning activities, and the outcome of which leads to mutually desired behavior change. These changes foster the growth in learner and teacher as well and thus the education process becomes participatory, shared approach for teaching and learning.

Aim: Our aim is to assess problems or deficits, provide appropriate information, identify progress being made by the students by giving feedback and follow up, reinforce learning on knowledge, skill and attitude and evaluate learner’s ability.

Objective: 1. Learning bring about change in behavior (Knowledge, skill and attitude) as a result of exposure to environmental stimuli and the learner consciously or unconsciously alter their behavior for moving to a better aspect.

  1. It consists of assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation.
  2. Nurses in the workplace are accountable for the delivery of the high quality care. The up to date Knowledge and skill needed to the consumer in a variety of setting.
  3. The continuing educational efforts are required to ensure ongoing practice competencies of nursing personnel.

Mission: Education of the community is to bring about health promotion, wellness and illness is recognized as an essential component of nursing practice. It is the aim of nurses to assist patients sick or well to become independent in managing their own health and future nurses to deliver the highest possible quality of health care to which we care.

Vision: The College visualizes an all round development and whole hearted commitment by keeping all values of the profession. Today with the high tech fast advancing world, our students become able to run parallel with the ever increasing cost effective health demands of the client.

Nursing is a Noble Profession with great human concern and compassion; we prepare our students to meet the challenges with high degree of determination and dedication.

Features of Training:

  • The educational programme provides opportunity and facilities for learning (Knowledge, skill and attitude) ethics, values of profession to become professional.
  • Teaching team comprises of both specialized nursing and guest faculty.
  • Well equipped laboratories (i.e. Pre-science lab, FON, MCH, CHN, Nutrition lab and Computer lab etc.)
  • The student is exposed to various stressful situations both in clinical and class room environment so as to expose them to develop critical thinking in problem solving, become skillful and competent to face any stressful situation and to keep the profession values with dignity
  • Prepared for beginning level position in community and institutional nursing services and to continue advancing in professional development for post graduate studies.
  • Understand principles of administration and organization of nursing service.


  • Well spaced and congenial environment of class rooms.
  • Clinical Experience: The students are posted to various affiliated hospitals urban and rural areas, for clinical experience as per norms of INC syllabus to M.L.B. Medical College Jhansi (720 bedded), Datia Civil Hospital (210 bedded), Bhandre PHC (30 bedded) and Manshik Arogyshala Gwalior (210 bedded).
  • Hostel Facilities: Separate secure hostels are available for boys and girls. Norms and standards are set for good conduct in residential area.
  • Transport Facilities: College has its own bus facilities for transporting students from college to hospital, hostel and residence.
  • Library Facilities: A well equipped college library with professional and all types of literature, journals, Book bank facilities is available to the student for their wide knowledge on subject and all round development. The library remains opened from 9 A.M TO 4 P.M.
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