Shri Rawatpura Sarkar Institutions Datia

Shri Rawatpura Sarkar Institutions Datia We congratulate you for taking the first step to the path of your dreams which leads to success. Welcome to SRI. SRI was founded...

Shri Rawatpura Sarkar Institutions Datia

We congratulate you for taking the first step to the path of your dreams which leads to success. Welcome to SRI. SRI was founded on 12th October 2002. The founders led the implementation of a comprehensive strategic plan that aims at leveraging the Institute’s existing strengths and ensuring its rapid progress as a recognized institution of excellence. Our objective is to create a dynamic environment that facilitates interaction & dialogue. SRI has consolidated different discipline into five colleges of excellence. SRI believe in creating a schedule which transform our students to the very best in theirfield of interest. Internal Assessments, Seminars, Presentations & term end examination to ensure high quality of learning & proper evaluation of the student’s performance. SRI avails students to gain expertise in areas of interest, and in turn, enhance job opportunities.Shri Rawatpura Sarkar Institutions of Engineering, Pharmacy, Nursing, Education, BBA, MBA, B.Ed., M.Ed., GNM, B.P.Ed. & allied Science College each one with its own distinctive style. It is an innovative and dynamic growing educational institution that covers spectrum of various courses. SRI strives to keep pace with the fast changing world. SRI offers fresh, vibrant and green surroundings with excellent resources and facilities. Set in the picturesque, SRI College is the perfect place to learn for future generations to come.Every student who comes to SRI is not only expected to work hard but also to develop a wide range of technical and interpersonal skills during his academic period.

  • Vision

We at SRI aim to “Change the Skyline of Education System”. Tough times lie ahead and lot of challenges are offered by future. We should always be prepared and well equipped to tackle any difficulty that comes across ourways. Our vision is to take the institution to new heights of success and levels which can be done by developing a world class centre for excellence in learning and thereby contributing to the growth of the society and nation as a whole.

Our mission is to make SRItians a new species for future with immunity levels so high that any difficulty would think twice before approaching them by designing, developing & delivering cutting edge education so that students competence level gets broader and they are able to get recognized for high ethical standards and responsiveness to the social environment so that they can dream a better world & transform the dream into reality.

  • Objectives

To assist SRItians in 100% placements in the industry. Expose SRItians at both national and international levels by giving them various unheard opportunities at national and international levels. To prepare professionals of exceptional caliber so that they can become innovators & leaders of the global industry. To enhance the decision making skills & the administration competence of future managers & technocrats. To create such individuals who will carry out ethos & culture & contribute towards the society. To promote knowledge through excellent learning skills & quality education. To help students develop appreciation for societal, historical & global issues.

With specializations in software, architecture, medicine, management, law and a host of other streams – SRI is developing the care takers of the future. We understand that these leaders of tomorrow require not just book lessons but also the pedagogy of experience to fully realize their potentials and ultimately give a facelift to the country and the world. SRI offers an environment where development of ‘problem solving skills’, ‘communication skills’ and ‘negotiation skills’ becomes a part of your daily routine through case studies, activities, presentations, management games, seminars, conferences, talk shows, simulated interviews etc.

  • Presentations

Every second project assigned to students has to be presented within their respective groups. This gives them good practice for the real corporate world.
Regular conferences are organized on the subjects relevant in the current scenario. The National Conference conducted by the SRIP (Pharmacy Dept.) of SRI on the topic “Recent Advantage in Standardization of Herbal Durgs” was a great success, and it was highly appreciated by the SRITAN’s.

  • Conferences

Through simulated interviews, students can do their own qualitative analysis and get a better insight of their strengths and weaknesses. In a simulated interview, a virtual corporate environment is created and professionals from the industry are invited to judge the performance of the students. The entire process is audio-visually recorded so that students can later view their performance and improve upon their shortcomings.

  • Group Discussions

Group discussions are part and parcel of selection process in majority of companies. It gives recruiters an opportunity to view the behavioral and attitudinal response of the candidate in a demanding situation. At SRI discussions are regular part of management students’ day. It is an academic activity for assessment. We also rope in corporate experts to help students mould their GD skills to a level suitable for corporate discussions and business meets.


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