Shri Rawatpura Sarkar Institutions,Datia Department of Mechanical Engineering

SRI Datia Department of Mechanical Engineering

Rawatpura Engineering College,Datia is a number one Engineering College in Bundelkhand region, Datia,district is in Gwalior Division which falls in the state of Madhya Pradesh.It is an ancient town, mentioned in the Mahabharata. Sahadeva; one of the Pandava’s brother had won this kingdom from King Dantavakra.Datia is also famous for some temples likeShriPeetambaraPeetha is one of the most famous temples of Baglamukhand which was established by Shree Swami Ji in 1920s PeetambraPeeth is one such temple which attracts a lot of pilgrims . SRI, Datia now stands out and stands taller than rest in the region, as a unique group.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering is one of the best departments at SRITS,Datia which is a number oneEngineering College in Bundelkhand region. It is currently providingunder-graduate Degrees.In Mechanical department 120 students are registered in under-graduate program and 15 faculty members are there to help students to achieve their goals in Engineering field and various industries related to it Out of 15, 3 Professors, 7 Assistant Professor and 5 Associate Professors are currently working in Mechanical Engineering Department Datia. Mechanical Engineering department conductsvarious workshop activities from time to time and its principals are involved in the Design,Study,Development and Construction.Over the years, the department has built a reputation for outstanding teaching and has nurtured a strong research program.

SRI Datia is one of the largest workshops conducting Mechanical Engineering department in India. The department houses excellent experimental and computational facilities, including the recently established high performance computing facility with access to the latest analysis tools. The areas of interest to faculty members span thermal Engineering,Design,Vibration, Metrology, Un-conventional Machining processes, Statistical Quality Control, Metal-cutting, Computer-aided manufacturing and instrumentation.Faculty members are engaged in active research and in partnership with Government establishments and industries related to the program.

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