Elixir of immortality

The last time I saw to Argentina in the semi-I wasn't me: it was a boy of nineteen years poorly used. But above all he was young, was quite skinny, he was single and had a strange sense of immortality.

Immortal being, what are Dreams? In the youth, knew that you were going to play seven games. To be immortal was to understand that the worst fate could be play on Saturday for the third spot. The worst thing that could happen in life was the bronze, but no one missed before time. Nacias to play seven and play with seven, I noticed a while ago: he had never seen the Argentina go to the semi-finals being an adult. He had never seen the selection of my country having rooms without my father.

Never with my daughter, when finished the game against Belgium, as far as I remembered that didn’t I feel so immortal. It wasn't so long ago, in two unforgettable parties: my fifteen years 1 2, England; and my nineteen years 3, Yugoslavia 2.

That is all I know, How to become Immortal? In my teens I was immortal as many others who now spent the 1940s. We were immortal, is immortality is Possible or believed to be, because our players we became accustomed to evil: before the ten years already had given us a World Cup, and before the twenty gave us two finals and another cup. Then there was that you always feel a little eternal in adolescence, with or without football.

I would have screwed up a lot of laughter, at the beginning of the 1990s, if a prophet of long beard and canosa i would have warned:

"Enjoy what you have right now, young chubby, go out to the place now and the horn and next released Abrázate with strangers, because in the future there will be tears and frustrations; there will be an afternoon in that cut off the legs of your God resurrected and will trigger the worst of your personal crises; then there will be criminal failed and extensions agonizing with final adverse events; I also see a trip in your future: you will live forever in another land and you will feel far from yours; there will be a lonely night in the middle in everything you do without no one to comfort and Without the round; there will be parties insipid and awkward; there will be a daughter, yes, but there are also Germans high and blond that you removed the honey of the mouth by two times, and the daughter see you defeated, crying an ominous hidden in a bathroom… Listen to what I say to you, young chubby: enjoy now and forever, because you have not yet met twenty years and yet you think immortal; jump and shout and sing in the rain of goals, because in your future there will be twenty-four years of drought and silence.


Wouldn't have listened to that seer, and in the event that he had endured his monologue without laughing, I would not have believed a single word. I would have taken over by a drunk or a madman.

Although now that I think about it, in my teens I loved to believe the crazy of the squares and converse with them.

When immortal excites people with long beard and Mas Canosa. Then asked of him, after his sermon:

"You Said 24 years old?

"Exactly. Almost five years of pain, a quarter of a century of silence in the throat, Year after year dying of anguish without reaching the shore… That's what I see in your future, oh, young chubby.

And I asked:

"But it came alive, old fool? Will I be there twenty-four years later, when once again play the seven parties?

And the asentiria with a gesture as ambiguous as saying "yes, with very high cholesterol but you will come alive".

"And the daughter you speak of will be there, with me, or the mother I will have earned tenure and will live in another house, odiandome, and I paying child support?

-No. Your daughter will be at your side.

"And she will see that goal that leaves us in the semi-finals?

-You will see. It will be an early goal of the son of Jorge Higuaín, who plays in the River.

"The son of the pipe?

"You, young chubby; I have come here to warn you that you are not immortal; enjoy the successes of the youth because later there will be darkness and confusion and…

"No sir! "You interrupted me then. If my daughter will be there with me when we come again to semis, she will know from girl what all this means, what it means to be a fan of Argentina. You will know that life is born to play seven, sounding all life with play seven… and play seven, damn it! Are you telling me that I am not immortal, old drunkard:

Elixir of Immortality gives you a solution about is immortality possible in this universe or not.

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