Emergency Dentist - Loss of Tooth

Just in case you lose a tooth, the first person to get in touch with, should be the Tooth Extraction garland tx dentist. Most of the time, this could be so because of a traumatic event that causes an injury to the mouth, which displaces the tooth. The area surrounding the gum could be loose, even though the tooth may not come out automatically. However, the results of the injury could be visible, hours or days later after the accident. It is high time you got in touch with a dental expert to address any concerns from such injuries before it is too late.

When Should I Call? 

Possibly, it should be done in the soonest time. If the tooth has not come out already and you as a patient can get in touch with a dentist within the shortest time possible, you might end up saving your tooth. Bear in mind that, you may not get anyone present at the office right away, as it might take some time to get through to the dentist. However, it is vital that he embarks on the procedure immediately soon after meeting you. Time is money, and the sooner you get in touch with your dentist, the better for you.

What Should I Do Right Away? 

After getting in touch with a Dentist that take Medicaid, you can still take any action, which might lessen the damage. For you not to damage the injured tooth further, it is essential that you hold it by its crown and not the root. In case you notice any debris on the injured tooth, try rinsing it with warm water to help remove them. Do not attempt to scrub it or clean it. Rinsing is thus the best option for you at that moment. You can also try putting it back if possible or into the socket to keep it moist. Remember, your goal is not to let the socket, teeth to dry out. In case you are unable to put the tooth back in your mouth, this could partly be due to the trauma, wrap it up in gauze, and then submerge it in milk or water.

What If It Didn't Come Out?

Even if none of your teeth did come out, or better still, you may want to visit an emergency dentist, more so, if you suspect it to be fractured out of position. You should do your best by ensuring that you avoid any more damage to the tooth, by gently trying to press it back into place. Do not push it too hard. It may end up leading to whole lot more damage, which at times, may be irreversible. In the process of getting in touch with an emergency dentist, ensure that you carefully listen to any or all instructions that he might give.


If you accidentally broke your tooth, or suddenly find yourself in a desperate need of wisdom dental extractions near me, you do not have to wait for days on end to book an appointment. You can walk in at your Plano cosmetic dentist office and be attended to. He is well aware that certain dental conditions require immediate attention. Always have a reputable emergency dentist on speed dial beforehand. Rest assured it would come in handy in times of distress.

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