Every jewelry has its story ...

In the heart of Nazareth Israel, facing a breathtaking view,

The Indimaj project was born - a jewelry project designed in the spirit of the diverse Israeli mosaic.

Through joint artistic creation, our vision comes to life – bringing hearts close together across sectors and cultures.

A Vision becomes the reality – Indimaj Jewelry comes to life

Indimaj is part of Stef Wertheimer's vision and work, which includes development in the periphery of Israel, an emphasis on professional education, and the re-leveraging of Israeli industry in general, and in the jewelry industry in particular.

The leading line in Wertheimer's vision is a synergy between people who work together and make a living together and therefore will not rush to fight each other.

Indimaj manufactures 925 silver jewelry combined with 14 karat gold - all original designs that express the uniqueness of the project.

The world's smallest printed Bible by Indimaj Jewelry

Indimaj created a special collection that combines the world's smallest printed Bible.

With much determination and love, Jerusalem NanoBibel and the chip manufacturing company Tower of Migdal HaEmek developed the world's smallest printed Bible.

This Bible was written and printed using the nanotechnology method, on an area of

5/5 mm protected by 9 nanometer layers.

The tiny printed Bible includes the 24 books (Torah Nevi'im Ketuvim) written in Hebrew.

Letter letter, word word.

The combination of the oldest and most influential holy book in the history of mankind with the world's advanced technology, is very exciting and brings positive and loving reactions.

The smallest printed Bible in the world can be read through a s digital microscope that makes the text 10,000 times larger!

Collection items:

1. A 925 silver bracelet that combines the Nano- bible, the Menorah symbol, a Star of David, a heart with a pendant and a hanging gem: $ 67

2. A 925 silver ring with the Nano-Bible $ 87

3. A silver necklace with Nano- bible pendant. $ 75

• Available on the company's website online: www.indimaj-jewelry.com

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