Exclusive users’ experience in terms of iPad tablet

Recent years, Apple has been occupied with how the newest iPad is even thinner than its pencil-thin predecessor and how the bonded display makes the pixel look as if they live right on top of the display. The iPad Air 2 came out. The iPad Air 2 was flexing its muscles behind the curtains. Make no mistake: the iPad Air 2 isn't about being pretty, even though it has a beautiful display. It's not about being thin, even though it went from 7.5 millimeters to 6.1 millimeters. Are you familiar with the iPad Air 2? The so-called iPad Air 2 is the second-generation iPad Air. Alternatively, the sixth-generation of iPad tablet computer. Are you willing to enjoy an exclusive user’s experience in terms of iPad tablet? Just have an adventure.

Perhaps the oddest thing about the 5-star iPad Air 2 is how Apple introduced it as a 4-star tablet. After a short film about how they made it so thin and an inordinate amount of time spent on the new back-facing 8 MP iSight camera, Apple flashed a graphic about the new iPad having 40% more performance and 250% more graphical performance and called it a day. While the newest iPad on the block is powered by an A8X system-on-a-chip (SoC). By comparison, the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are powered by an A8 chip.

As the layers that make up the backlight, touchscreen digitizer and LCD screen are so close that Apple now claims there is zero air in between them. A less reflective display that looks brighter and more colorful. The iPad Air 2 feels like a very solid tablet that can be held easily for hours without it getting uncomfortable. But sadly, frequent use and friction make the tablet fragile. In other words, it is easy to break and crack. It is susceptible to be damaged. A cracked screen doesn’t necessarily mean that your iPad Air 2 is useless. Fortunately, you don’t have to shell out all your hard-earned money on a new iPad Air or repair service – you can fix it yourself! Absolutely, you can also find a trustworthy retailer to deal with your thorny problems. Which options would you like to choose? It totally depends on you.

I bet you don’t want to lose this golden chance for your favorite tablet experience. This exclusive smart tablet will allow you to enjoy the wonderful intelligent experience. That kind of unhappy or accidental things we cannot avoid. What on earth how to deal with it properly? If you prefer the DIY operation, you can rely on the following procedures. First, You can turn off your iPad by holding down the power button located on the side of the tablet until you’re prompted to slide to the right on the screen. Using your heat gun, gently heat the edges of the iPad’s display assembly, which consists of the LCD and touch screen/front panel. This part is a bit delicate, because too little heat will not loosen the adhesive, and too much heat can burn the device. Once you’re done heating around the edges of the display assembly, insert the plastic triangle opening tool in the seam between the display assembly and the aluminum back housing. Work your way around the perimeter to release the display assembly from the securing adhesive. If you feel any resistance, don’t force it! Instead, use the heat gun again to completely loosen the adhesive and try again. Once you loosen the display assembly, it’s important that you pull it up and away from the rest of the iPad Air 2 from the side that’s closest to the front-facing camera (the top), since the display is still secured to the base of the iPad (near the home button assembly). Remove the three small Philips screws from the metal shield near the bottom of the iPad (which is pictured at the top in the photos). Remove the display assembly connections with your Fine-Tip Curved Tweezers. The first (larger) connection is attached to the visible ribbon. After once you’ve removed the first connection on the top ribbon, remove the other two (smaller) connections on the second ribbon. Once these are removed, you can lift up and completely remove the display assembly from the aluminum back housing. Next, you’ll need to remove the home button. Lift the clasp located just above the home button and remove it using your Fine Tip Curved Tweezers. After you’ve removed the bracket, you can pry off the home button assembly using a Nylon Spudger.

Here is a kind notice: the components of iPad Air 2 screen replacement is exquisite and very small, if you are not professional enough, you have no need to take this adventure. Otherwise, you will lose a lot. The worst ending is that you need to abandon this cracked iPad rather than purchasing a new one. Our touch screen replacement is designed for dealing with those issues, such as the cracked, scratched, marked, dead pixel and the color issue screens. Moreover, our screen is made from high-premium materials as the original one. Owning this screen replacement, this exclusive experience you will enjoy freely.

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