Experience The Future At The New Mcdonalds Restaurant

Westlife Development, whose subsidiary Hardcastle Restaurants owns the McDonalds’ India (West & South) franchise, always likes to do things differently. The company’s innovative spirit is best showcased at the McDonald’s restaurants across the region.

Its latest innovation is visible at the newly opened Experience Of The Future (EOTF) restaurant at upmarket Nariman Point in Mumbai. Located inside the famous CR2 Mall, and the first in a series, the restaurant has been designed to offer customers a whole new, futuristic experience.

There are digital self-service kiosks that give customers the freedom and convenience of customizing and ordering their food in a whole new and fast way. What’s more, they no longer have to wait in long queues to get their order delivered. After placing their orders at the kiosks and making their payment digitally, the customers can find themselves a cozy window seat nook to gaze out at the bustling heart of Mumbai and simply wait for a McDonald’s staff member to serve them.

Yes, now everyone’s favorite McDonald’s restaurant even offers table service, unheard of in a Quick Service Restaurant format. How the staff member identifies a particular customer is by using a Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID), will bring the food to the right table.

When Westlife first conceived the idea of an ‘Experience of the Future’ restaurant (EOTF) to be launched in Mumbai, the foremost hub of the restaurant t chain, they thought why not also use the foremost locality within Mumbai for the launch. And, what better spot than Nariman Point, the glitzy, commercial-cum-residential area of south Mumbai?

After the location was finalized, the conceptualization shifted to brainstorming over what spells the future. Of course, it is digitalism. Thus, enhancing digital capabilities and using technology to raise customer experience to a whole new level, was the first agenda.

Table Service, broadening of the menu to ensure a more balanced and wholesome choice for the customer, caring for the environment, and using sustainable methods in the restaurants, formed the backdrop to the new plans.

Beyond digitalization, the company also introduced an evolved menu, updated ordering processes, and enhanced staff roles to allow loyal customers greater control, convenience, and the personal touch.

As customers wait for their order, they have no chance to be bored, what with interactive, table-top games. Customers who wish to browse on their phone but find that the charging is minimal can simply plug in their smartphones, using wireless charging devices.

As Amit Jatia, Vice-Chairman, Westlife Development Limited, put it, “We have always listened to our customers, and this ambitious plan is exactly what they have asked us to do. This is the next phase of the brand transformation for McDonald’s India. We’re innovating and evolving for the future, and are excited to take our customers along, on this journey.”

“With the EOTF restaurant, we are embarking on a bold and progressive plan to transform our customer experience. We want our customers to be wowed as soon as they walk in, by an experience that is modern and personalized, but not different from the McDonald’s they know and love, “ he added.

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