Explore the Grandeur of Abu Dhabi, the Smart Way!

With an abundance of opulent resorts and hotels, this desert city and its beaches make Abu Dhabi the preferred destination for those seeking luxury hospitality. If one is not already enticed by private pools, royalty-inspired suites and the doting services of a butler, this capital city is only going to tempt them further! Being the capital city of the United Arab Emirates, it has also successfully established itself as a cultural hotspot. Abu Dhabi has played host to many international events from the Abu Dhabi Film Festival to the Formula 1’s most exciting race track at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Visiting Abu Dhabi must be incorporated into one’s calendar if one really wants to experience a vacation worth remembering. One would be able to do more and see more of any destination by availing of car rental services. This is one travelling tip for the modern day tourist that has been tried and vouched for by a multitude of smart travellers. Utilising the services of a reputed car rental agency can do a world of good for a tourist. More specifically, driving one’s own car in an island like Abu Dhabi can allow one to get around without having to depend on the services of intercity buses or taxis.

Car Hire in Abu Dhabi has never been easier, thanks to Hertz. The world’s leader in car rental has been successfully operating in the Emirates, making journeys more enjoyable for tourists all over the world. With a well maintained fleet of branded cars, Hertz is one company that can be banked on to deliver the right car to the customers. Based on countless online user reviews from Abu Dhabi, it is both a money saving and quality driven option to hire a car while tourists enjoy their stay.

Apart from being a leader in car hire services in its sister city, Dubai, Hertz has been the preferred choice to rent a car in Abu Dhabi as well. Driving through plush green gardens and boulevards along the Abu Dhabi skyline or anywhere in the city is always more pleasurable in one’s own car. Not everyone can take their cars wherever they travel. This is where Hertz makes things easier by allowing one to hire any car of their choice to drive around the capital.

Abu Dhabi’s roads were built as a paradise for car lovers. By just hiring a car on rent in Abu Dhabi, one can experience this first-hand! Roads positioned along expanses of deserts and the ominous blue sea make driving through Abu Dhabi all the more delightful. The natural beauty of Abu Dhabi in contrast to the amazing infrastructure of this concrete haven make Abu Dhabi a phenomenal destination to visit all through the year.

After opting for car rental in Abu Dhabi, one will see that it leaves them with the great liberty of seeing and doing more. There are a myriad of attractions to be conquered as a tourist. Tourists should ensure that they capture the essence of the incalculable worth of cultural and luxury tourism during their stay. With unique attractions that cater to every kind of taste, Abu Dhabi has something for everyone.

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