Faivish Pewzner

My name is Shterna. I live on President Street in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. I am a 45-year-old woman and a member of the famous “sandwich generation” That means that I am just one person beholden to my own brood…. I’m the mom of a young teen, a 10-year-old, 5-year-old, and toddler. At the same time, I am busy worrying and caring for my elderly parents. They are well into their 70’s, and their age is catching up to them fast. At the same time that I am changing diapers and running to drive my teen to her art class, I am busy discussing cardiology issues with my father’s physician. An ordinary day in my life is stressful enough to send me to a cardiologist to address my own high blood pressure….

One thing I learned in life is to take all the help I can get. My father's condition requires constant care and assistance. He is sadly deteriorating, and his basic needs are demanding more and more attention.

I finally turned to Americare, after my husband encouraged me to do so. He is friends with Faivish Pewzner, the COO of the company. He told me that it is an extremely reliable and responsible home healthcare agency. I can call them and they would send me home attendants that I can trust and rely on to take the best care of my father. I finally did it, after much pushing and prodding. I am so grateful that I did. They sent me the perfect attendant on the first try. We are so happy with Lee. He is respectful, kind, quiet, and does his job happily. My father likes him too.

Another bonus….. Due to Faivish Pewzner’s generosity and partnership, The Jewish Children's Museum offers a 15% discount for visitors accompanied by an elderly person. I often send my kids together with my mom, so they all get a break, and I breathe for a few moments. Knowing that they are all having a fun, educational outing. The best part… it's walking distance, and we get a great price.

Thank you Faivish for being a great neighbor and community member!

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