Familiarising yourself with Driving Laws in the UAE

In the UAE, 13% of fatalities are due to injuries. Consequently, 62% of deaths are on account of road traffic accidents. These figures are alarming enough to push and take some affirmative actions. At Hertz we believe that visitors that are considering to rent a vehicle may find it a little more challenging.

Hertz plays its part in assuring road safety by familiarizing them with the local laws and driving conditions. Furthermore, it is always good to brush up on one’s own driving safety skills.

Considering that a major part of the UAE is desert land, the driving conditions here are rather unusual when compared to the rest of the world. There is always the risk of drifting sands that tend to make the road more slippery. Not only does the drifting sand make steering your vehicle a more challenging activity, but it can also significantly impact one’s vision.

Another on road etiquette that you need to be aware of is that when one notices a car flashing, it is essentially a request for one’s vehicle to move aside so that the flashing car can pass by. The UAE has a left hand drive and thus, visitors must remember to pursue every overtaking initiative from the left of the vehicle that one intends to overtake.

The traffic laws of the UAE state that there needs to be a minimum of a 2 second gap between the cars. This is with an intention to encourage the maintenance of safe distance on the road and also to regulate speeds in high traffic areas.

Finally, visitors must remember to carry their international driver’s license on them and follow basic safety rules such as avoiding to drive after drinking.

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