10 Top Benefits of PF UAN Number For Indian Employees

Any registered company with more than 20 employees has to open a provident fund (PF) account of its employees. When a person joins a new company, a new PF...

Any registered company with more than 20 employees has to open a provident fund (PF) account of its employees. When a person joins a new company, a new PF account is created. And it also becomes difficult to remember all the account numbers for a long term.

A UAN (Universal Account Number) number can keep all the PF account number of a person in a single place. One should learn how to activate UAN number in EPF to get the benefits of PF account at the end of the working period.

how to activate UAN number in EPF

The Employee Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) has made it mandatory for the companies to create EPF account of each of its employee. The employee provident fund is a retirement benefit scheme to give financial support to the person after retirement.

Any employee can take benefits of UAN number by asking his employer to link his PF account with his UAN number. With the change in the company, every time he can get his new PF account connected to his UAN number. This way, all the PF account details will get collected at one place under the UAN number.


From Where you Get PF UAN number?

You can ask for UAN from your current employer, which they usually print on the salary slip of the employee. The EPFO is the authorised agency for allotting the UAN numbers.

If, in any case, you are unable to receive your UAN number from your employer then you can get it from UAN portal. All you need to do is download UAN android app. The app will ask details like your contact number, your PF account number, and your personal details. Your UAN number will also be sent on your registered contact number.

One must also learn how to activate UAN number in EPF online, or you can ask your employer to do it for you.


How to Activate UAN Number in EFP Online?

To activate your UAN number, one must have their UAN number and PF member Id with you. Below are the steps to activate UAN number:

Step 1: First, go to the official EPFO website. Next, in the ‘Our services’ tab click on ‘for employee’ tab if you are an employee and ‘for employer’ tab if you are an employer.

Step 2: On the directed web page you will see ‘Member UAN/Online services’ under the services head. By clicking on it, you will reach the UAN portal.

Step 3: You will be prompted to enter your UAN, your active mobile number and your PF member ID. On clicking ‘Get Authorization PIN’ you will receive a PIN/OTP on the registered mobile number.

Step 4: Next, click on the checkbox of ‘I agree’ to confirm the terms and conditions. Now, enter the PIN you received on your mobile number and click on ‘Validate OTP and Activate UAN’.

On activation of UAN, you will receive a message displaying your UAN ID and password.

Benefits of UAN number to the Employees

  • Stock all your PF account at a single place: The UAN number will work as an umbrella for PF account. One can gather all the PF account details at one place for easy remembrance.
  • Easy PF transfer: With the aid of the UAN number, one can freely transfer the PF account balance to your current PF account. UAN initiates the facility of auto-transfer of PF balance.
  • Funds withdrawal: One can cash out the funds from the PF account when in need. To withdraw the funds from your PF account, it is now mandatory to have a UAN number. One can withdraw the PF balance online through UAN number.
  • Balance check: You can check your PF balance using the UAN app.


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