Firefox Keeps Freezing or not responding

Exactly when Firefox Freezing starts to harden, the issue isn't for each situation rapidly obvious, yet it is expeditiously bewildering. Cementing or hanging can be realized by anything from obsolete points to explicit settings repudiating your PC's gear. It can seem, by all accounts, to be a lot to explore, yet luckily Firefox Freezing can be attempted rather quickly to confine the wellspring of any issues; likewise, most fixes won't achieve any loss of saved data.

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So I have been using Firefox Freezing Quantum for quite a while, up to this point it has been remarkable.

Starting late Firefox has been making trouble. I don't by and large know unequivocally when, anyway it is apparently not actually a month since these issues showed up.

I don't really perceive what is causing the issue. Every once in a while, Firefox Freezing would basically stop up for quite a while. I have to hold up until it unfreezes in order to do anything afresh.

It happens beautifully as frequently as conceivable on youtube, where the video just cements (while the sound is playing fine) and I have to believe that a ton will get the video gets going afresh.

Regardless, I understand this isn't a video simply issue. In fact, even clear tabs stop up on occasion. I would to a great extent snap a tab or use the ctrl+tab to investigate around, anyway trading tabs would hang up sometimes. After I click a tab, Firefox Freezing stops up for a few minutes until it finally moves to another tab.

The one thing I saw is that at whatever point this happens, the CPU use spikes a piece. It principle speaking sits at around 9% to 15% depending what I am doing (being on Reddit, or watching chronicles on youtube), yet when this stop happens, the CPU use can shoot up to 60%. My CPU is an i7-6700hq skylake workstation CPU, with a GTX 1060 GPU.

So far I have endeavored:

Restarting the PC

Restarting the Firefox Freezing system

Hindering all developments (block initiation, I couldn't think less about treats, and google switch picture search). I have been using these increases as far back as I started using Firefox Freezing.

Clear all hold and treat data from locales

I don't have the foggiest thought if there are any responses for this. I have been seeing "Firefox moderate" posts jumping up yet I haven't the faintest idea if I found a reaction to this issue yet.

Is this a reoccurring issue among customers from late invigorates? Any help would be hugely esteemed.

Use Safe Mode

Ensured Mode is a respectable spot to start exploring your worry since it helps unquestionably limited down the potential causes. It injures all extensions, cripples hardware expanding velocity and changes the subject to the Firefox default. If Firefox Freezing stops hanging, by then you can restrict the issue to one of these three things. If it doesn't, the issue is a most likely piece of the settings the Safe Mode does not change - or it is achieved by one of your modules.


Subjects are an engaging extension to Firefox, anyway, they can cause issues, if not suitably kept up. If you have excessively, or if any of them are old or battle with various subjects, Firefox Freezing can start running bit by bit or experience goofs. Check through most of your subjects and clear any you never again need or need, including ones that are obsolete and can't be used. Check your extraordinary themes for any open updates. As Firefox Freezing updates are released from time to time, point producers don't by and large compensate for wasting time quickly, so check for theme revives every so often.

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