Five Common Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Problems

Fuel injection pumps are actually a major part of your vehicle's engine. That is why re-manufacturing of fuel injection pumps is often a part of fixing any big problem in an engine. Fixing them can result in improved performance and a smoother operation.

What exactly do these fuel injection pumps? Also known as diesel injectors, they are the responsible part of the engine that pumps fuel into the combustion chambers of the engine. This is why the re-manufacturing of diesel injectors can be a great help to your engine. With their reconstruction, the engine will work a lot better.

There are some specific problems that repairing these fuel injection pumps can help though. Here are five common problems that will need you to go to the service center to have your fuel injection pumps fixed.

Engine Not Running Smoothly

One of the most noticeable problems caused by faulty fuel injection pumps is that your engine is not running smoothly. When the fuel is not entering your engine properly, then it affects the performance of your car. This may not be noticeable at times. For example, your car may run smoothly at low speeds, but once you accelerate, the engine starts to cough.

Engine Misfire

Another problem that is caused by a problem in your fuel injectors is your engine misfiring. This happens when your engine is not sparking properly. Though there can be several reasons for this, one of them is that your fuel injectors are not supplying the right amount of fuel into the engine. This needs to be repaired quick since engine misfires damage the engine over time.

Weak Engine

Similar to engine misfires, a weak engine can be caused by your fuel injectors not working properly. If you notice that you can’t get your car to speed without having to push your engine to its limits, then you most likely have this problem.

Smoky Exhaust

Exhaust is what remains of the combustion process inside your engine. This is drawn out of your car so it won’t accumulate inside the engine. Smoky exhaust can mean a wide variety of internal problems, with one of them being that your fuel injection pumps are dirty or not working properly.

Difficulty Starting

Your engine might have difficulty starting. For engines to start, they need fuel - and a problem with your fuel injection pumps is a big reason why your engine isn’t getting the fuel it needs.

All of these problems can be resolved by taking your car to the nearest service center and having it looked at. Re-manufacturing fuel injector pumps are actually one of the major solutions suggested. You can also have them cleaned or tuned-up. Re-manufacturing is only suggested if you want your engine to work like it is brand new or when it has suffered some major damage.

However, ensure that you are taking your car to the right people. A faulty repair in your fuel injector pumps can be just as much of a problem as a faulty one.

Our skilled technicians at DTM Diesel & Petrol Injection Specialists can do there-manufacturing of fuel injection pumps and re-manufacturing of diesel injectors so your engines will be in perfect condition. Contact us today for more info!

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