Flamenco and gastronomy for the day of Andalusia

The world keeps special days for every occasion, entire countries maintain exact dates to remember unique moments during the great course of the years, each date has a moment to remember and with the passage of time we find new dates that manage to remember progress, discovery and solutions to problems that we have maintained and acquired over time.

This brings us today to an important place in Spain, we will arrive directly to Andalusia in which we find an ideal date during the month of February, we will arrive at February 28 of each year to find the Day of Andalusia, which is commemorated with a significant importance the autonomous referendum of the year 1980 offered step to the statute.

Ideal day to enjoy all of Andalusia, maintains a strict schedule for the celebration of this day in which they maintain a fixed time to sing the hymn, words of the president of the Andalusian parliament.

It is also a holiday and dance. So if you find yourself in Andalusia on that day, take your professional flamenco shoes and throw yourself to enjoy such a wonderful event. More information here.

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