Follow Pink Mirror for a Better Version of Yourself

Who doesn’t like a clear face, beautiful skin and sharp features? According to a survey, people spend around 2 years of their life working on various beauty regimes. And if they can’t spend so much time and money on making themselves look good, they have smart phones, and a number of apps and tools are available online that offer different effects to change or I must say better your looks.

If you think you are not as photogenic as your best friend is, then need not worry, we have that comes to our rescue. It’s an application designed for desktop as well as for smart phones that redesigns your looks and transforms you image from ordinary to extra ordinary those full lips that you’ve desired for since last couple of months now possible with the use of app.

It works on  various facial features and retouches them removing those dark circles under your eyes, turning that tired eye into a beautiful eye, removing blemishes and acne remarks, enhances the skin quality, smoothens it and brightens the image if you want a fairer you to project. When you upload your picture, and apply the desired effects you need to get done, instruct it about your facial points that need retouching, thereafter it displays the before and after picture of you.

The website also has various articles that tell us about how retouching can be done to the different parts of our body, like how to do chin lift, how to make your eyes look bigger, red eye removal, wrinkle reduction, how to have whiter teeth, and even crow’s feet removal . A lot of exciting effects are offered by this application to its users.

Make up tips are one of the ways it tries to reach a bigger audience. A lot of articles on how to apply easy make up on your face, quick make up tips and tricks, how to master the art of highlighting and contouring, using of various make up products in the best manner, enhancing your face structure with the particular make up style, all these points are mentioned on their website that helps a lot of people out there to understand how to work on their own face to look their best.

There is nothing wrong in wanting to look good. And one will agree to the fact that not all are privileged enough to afford the costly treatments and skin care routines to maintain themselves. But technology today has something to offer to everyone. Such apps provide a great deal of assistance to those who are tech savvy and also to the less capable. It’s not changing your entire look; it’s just making you look much better. Of course one must embrace the way they look but what’s the harm in projecting a better version of self that also leads to increase in confidence. Websites like pink mirror work towards making things easy for people and allows people to work on their appearance for their own good.

Find more information relating to beautiful eye, and ighlighting and contouring here.

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