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Start with the basic itineraries for the Wedding chimes

Planning and executing perfect wedding plans fall under the list of things that are indeed impossible. Right from fixing up the date of the wedding

Desiccated Coconut Powder Application, Uses, Forms, Advantages

Desiccated coconut is simply the white flesh of fresh mature coconut kernel, which has been grated and dried. In snow-white appearance, it has a

Catering The amazing art of delicious food and courteous service

Catering is a Herculean task in general. The work of the caterer doesn’t end with preparing delicious food. The service and keep up also matters

Welcome to The Pizza Central - Your Hunger Central. 

Need to have some flavorful Freshly made Pizzas with chilled and delectable Beverages? Here we present to you another cutting edge cooking head by an

Choose Solar Cooking Instead of Conventional Cooking

Solar cooking could be a great different to conventional cooking - instead of burning fuel and producing carbon dioxide emissions, or using precious

College Trip To Delhi

My college authorities planned an excursion to Delhi. I was not very happy because I had already visited that place thrice. I was unaware of the fact

Make the Wedding Catering Comfortable Here are Simple Tricks to follow

Indians are known for their culture and tradition. And so are Indian weddings. Indian weddings last for about three to seven days on an average with

French Toast as Breakfast – The Perfect Option to Start a Healthy You

French toast is the most popular American breakfast in Colorado Springs and is usually made by a slice of bread with a mixture of milk and eggs

Know the difference between Garlic flakes vs Powder vs granules vs minced?

Dehydrated Garlic is a widely used spice in Indian homes. Garlic is known for a distinctly strong and slightly spicy flavour, which serves to enhance

Dried Parsley Leaves - Specification, Health Benefits, Storage

Natural and pure, Parsley is a fresh herb with rich forest-green curled leaves that resemble that of coriander. The decorative ruffled leaves of