Applying Dry Rub to Chicken for Great Flavor

Good barbecue comes in all forms and having a great dry rub packed with a variety of spices and flavors is always beneficial. When you are grilling, you want...

Good barbecue comes in all forms and having a great dry rub packed with a variety of spices and flavors is always beneficial. When you are grilling, you want to follow the right steps to make sure you are using a dry rub properly and getting the most flavor from it.

Today, we will focus specifically on chicken, but there are many different types of meat that can be used when applying a dry rub and certain flavors and ingredients work better for different meats. Casa M Spice Co™ has many spice blends and dry rubs perfect for any meat you may be preparing, including Free Range™, their barbecue chicken dry rub.

Before you prepare food for a dry rub, you have to find a specific spice blend suitable for the meat you are preparing. Casa M Spice Co™ has blends for chicken, beef, fish and even lamb to make sure you are getting the best flavors to bring out the natural flavors of the meat.

Before you can apply the dry rub to the chicken, make sure it is defrosted and use a towel to dry the chicken of any remaining moisture, then drizzle a thin layer of olive oil onto the chicken and rib it all over the chicken. The oil helps the rub cling to the meat. Next, if the rub is low sodium, like all Casa M Spice Co™ rubs, apply salt at about ¼ teaspoon per pound. Then, sprinkle the dry rub over the chicken, covering as much of the surface as you can. If needed, rub the dry rub over the chicken to completely cover the chicken and make sure there are no bare spots. This also gets the rub to lock to the skin of the chicken, which will allow the flavors and spices of the Barbecue Chicken Dry Rub to cook into the chicken as you grill.

To get even more out of the flavor, cover the chicken in plastic wrap after the rub has been applied and place in the refrigerator for between 8 and 24 hours until you are ready to cook. This step is called dry brining.

When the time comes to cook the food, you can take it to the grill and prepare your meal. Serve upon completion and then you are done and can enjoy the great flavors of your barbecued chicken.

Great flavor is what Casa M Spice Co™ is all about. Manny and Mike Hernandez have worked for decades to perfect their spice blends to be great in taste, made from all natural ingredients that blend together well and bring out the natural flavors of your meats.

Get the intense and excellent flavor of the Casa M Spice Co™ spice blends and barbecue chicken dry rub to create your own great dishes with great flavor that will have your family begging for more.

With a friendly team providing support and customer service, Casa M Spice Co™ is putting the priority on flavor. They believe great flavor makes great food and show it in their spice blends that they have perfected over two decades through experimentation at family parties, barbecues, holidays and more.

As part of their recent launch, bringing these great spice mixes into your home and sharing them with the rest of the world as well, Casa M Spice Co™ is offering a launch special. Get 40 percent off gift sets. These gifts sets come with five stainless shakers of five different spice blends so you can try them on any meat, whether it is beef, pork, chicken or lamb. It’s a great way to sample the many flavors that Casa M Spice Co™ has to offer. The packages also come with a Casa M Spice Co™ apron and organic grocery bag.

So pick up a great barbecue chicken dry rub like Free Range™ from Casa M Spice Co™ today and start preparing your chicken with a dry rub for great flavor to take your meal to the next level.

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