First McDonald’s Restaurant At Puducherry Is Winning Hearts Already

The small union territory of India, Pondicherry is but bestowed with big hearted people and picturesque landscape.

The small union territory of India, Pondicherry is but bestowed with big hearted people and picturesque landscape. The French corner of the country, the place is home to some of the most famous places to visit for international and Indian tourists alike. Apart from the serene beaches, the famous Aurobindo Ashram and the old rustic charm of the place, the hospitality of the people is something that makes Puducherry one of the most idyllic places.

To top it all, adding to the list of McDonald’s restaurants in south India, 104th restaurant of the chain has recently opened its doors here. The setting up of the restaurant is a welcome addition to an already popular tourist place. Just the very thought of waking up in the morning and going for a morning bike ride by the beaches of Auroville and right after getting a warm delicious meal of McDonald’s Breakfast is just amazing.

The menu of McDonald’s Puducherry is going to be the same as any other restaurant in McDonald’s India (West & South). So, you can have your pick among their lip smacking Chicken Maharaja Mac, McAloo Tikki Burger, McChicken Nuggets and not to mention the perfect for summer smoothies.

So, after a long day travelling across the little French corner of India, you can now sit down for you favourite McDonald’s meal. Opened just this month, the restaurant is fully equipped with all the necessary requirements for a standard McD’s restaurant. And why wouldn’t it be? The food joint isn’t situated at any lame place but at the poshest mall in town. Providence Mall is one of the most renowned mall in Puducherry and is home of hundreds of stores by top international and domestic brands. It is now wonder that the American restaurant chain has selected this mall as the edifice is the most popular among the youth of the place and is often frequented by people looking to spend some leisure time in an comfortable ambiance.

The McDonald’s restaurant in Pondicherry will remain open in its usual time i.e. morning 10 to evening 10 and will serve all the global and domestic favourites on the menu. So, if you are to visit the restaurant with your family and friends you can order for your very favourite McAloo Tikki, McFriesm, Chatpata Naan, McSpicy Paneer Burger and of course to wash it down with the all-time favourite ice tea.

The best part, however is not just the restaurant but the deserts kiosk at the ground floor of the Mall. So, in case if you’re looking for some soft serves on the go and don’t want to stand in the queues of the restaurant, you can get a quick cool bite right from the kiosk.

The big opening isn’t just an awesome news for the locals of the place but the tourists are equally joyous. The residents of Pondicherry no longer has to travel all the way to some other city to have a taste of McDonald’s burgers and other menu items but have it right at home.

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