McDonald’s Brings The World To You

McDonald’s surprised its customers in the best possible way this Diwali. It was a treat like no other.

McDonald’s surprised its customers in the best possible way this Diwali. It was a treat like no other. McDonald’s India (West and South) welcomed the festive season by launching 12 new menu items from three countries that have distinct, diverse flavours to offer- India, Italy and America. Read on to know all about these new flavours and why you simply cannot afford to not pay a visit to your nearest McDonald’s and try the new menu items.

We shall start with something Italian and Italians are the people known for their rich food culture and a laid back stance at life in general. They have, without doubt been presiding over the flavour department of world at large, making star ingredients like tomatoes, cheese and herbs the center of their cuisine. The reason why Italian food is to die for is that come what may, fresh ingredients are used into their preparation. And if it’s not fresh, then it’s bound to be cheese or booze. After all Italian cuisine is a celebration of their produce and abundance in harvest.

McDonald’s had to take away from the Italian flavours, since the love for Italian food is ubiquitous. The simple yet hearty flavours of cheese, tomatoes and Italian herbs have won many millennial hearts in the last decade and inspired chefs to introduce these flavours into other cuisines as well. Hence it’s no surprise that McDonald’s has also come up with full-on Italian flavours with its Cheesy Italiano burgers – juicy chicken or veg patty, sprinkled with aromatic Italian herbs, layered with a rich and creamy onion-cheese sauce and shredded onions in a square toasted bun. But that’s not it. There is a Limon Zest, a refreshing lemonade inspired by Limoncello from Italy and an Italian Mocha Shake as well.

Let’s get down straight to the desi inside us and talk about all the Indian things on this new menu. The Mac Chatpata Naan has a chicken kebab or a crispy aloo patty with tangy flavorful sauce and freshly shredded onions, wrapped in a soft grilled Naan. To wash it down with just the right amount of sweetness, there is a glorious, double-thick and creamy Mango smoothie as well. And if you are in a soft serve mode, there is a Phirni McFlurry as well.

Now turning west into the Americas, the menu turns into an all-American dream. McDonald’s India has launched the American Cheese Supreme burger with all things American. What might those be you ask? It’s cheese and corn first of all and grilled chicken for the non-vegetarians amongst us. Add a slice of cheese, creamy cocktail sauce, jalapenos and shredded onions and stack them between hot sesame buns and that’s American love for you. For sides and drinks, you can order Cream & Onion Shake Shake Fries and American Mud Pie Shake respectively and you are all set to have a full-fledged American meal.
Is there anything else that your heart desires? Because McDonald’s might be listening and they won’t take long before making all that you would want at your nearest McDonald’s a reality.

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